Every year, we purchased hundreds of things, out of many we hardly use.  Especially in Ramadan, most of us get the new clothes, shoes etc not only for EID, But Jumma tul widah, Traweeh & Iftaar Parties as well. But as soon as Ramadan is over, we kept them in our cupboards and will forget about them. A year will pass and we will again go on shopping spree in Ramadan will buy new clothes, and will add them to the previous stock we had piled up in the cupboard. Do you know, there can be many good uses of those clothes rather than being stocked as a pile in the cupboard only. Ramadan, where teaches us to have a control over our desires and Hunger, and Keep the fast for Allah, it also teaches sharing is caring. Over the years we have been doing those iftaar drives, providing ration to the needy and giving the iftaar to them as well. But you know, you can share your expensive clothes which are not being used now with those who don’t have clothes. Who knows, your slightly used clothes which have been piled up in cupboard good for nothing can be new clothes on Eid for someone.

Surf Excel Pakistan has recently launched a TVC for its Ramadan Campaign, which revolves around the concept #NeikiEkIbadat. A Kid is shown doing a good deed by waking up a neighbor for sehri and sharing food with him. Simultaneously, they do have an activation leg to this campaign as well, which is about donating clothes to the needy kids in Ramazan.

I am sure, all of you must be having few clothes stocked in the cupboard, I would encourage you all to join this initiative, the process if very simple. All you need is to give a missed call from your mobile phones on 90131 and the brand people will call you back to get your details and mode of donations. There are two modes by which you can donate clothes for #NekiEkIbadat. First, you can request them to pick your clothes and an M&P (OCS) representative will come and pick from your location without any charges. Or, secondly, you can drop clothes at any M&P (OCS) outlet.

Wondering what the brand will be doing with your clothes. The Surf Excel team behind this campaign will be collecting your donated clothes, they will be washed, cleaned and packed to be given to those who are needy ones and deserve these gifts.

Let’s make a difference by taking a step to care for others. Let’s be the part of Surf Excel Cloth Donation drive.

Click here for more details about the campaign:    Surf Excel Cloth Donation Drive