WINGITT, a name I saw at Karachi Eat and then later at some festival at Beach luxury but didn’t get chance to try it until last week, when a friend took me there to give a treat. She and my few other friends have already talked so much about WINGITT that I was intrigued about my experience over there.


Situated at Bukhari commercial, this small cozy place looks quite welcoming when you reach there and are about to enter. Getting in you see amazing red wall with white art on it which is quite good and appropriate  to their forte. Before I tell more things about it let me jump on the food I ordered and how did it go.


So we ordered, Chicken Strips and Boneless Wings 4 flavors. Before anyone think, why boneless wings as my friend asked too, we were coming back from a formal event, and I was over dressed to have wings, need to behave properly coz oh yes, I love my clothes too. But actually there’s just no way to be civilized when eating wings. The truth is, if I am eating wings I would have sauce all up on my face, dirty hands and of course, a big smile for whoever I’m eating wings with. I think eating wings satisfies some sort of primal urge we have to rip meat off bones.


So yes, we got our order and we have it. How was the experience, lemme share that but before that I need to clarify This might be going to sound completely sponsored, and well, but it’s not. There are some points which need some work but good points come first obviously.


I had order the 4 different flavors which were Buffalo Very Hot, Spicy garlic, Honey mustard & Barbeque and these were Aaaammmaazzingg. Though Buffalo –Very Hot was quite spicy but it was worth it. I felt like if I ate 10 of those Buffalo-very hot I can turn into a fire breathing Dinosaur. They have variety of Flavors ranging from Buffalo mild to Buffalo –very Hot, from wasabi to cheese, from Spicy Garlic to Sweet Thai Chili, Honey soy to Honey mustard etc., you would spend so much time in deciding which one you want (happened with me at WINGITT) But they are good in taste actually. The bun being served with them, I actually used it as to somehow reduce the mirchein I was feeling. Chicken Strips were good, tempting I would rather say. They were tender and quite tasty too I must say and they actually were filling too. And yummmmm (how can I forget this part).


In drinks I had order Mint Mist (I was told this is mint lemonade), turns out it was a slight hint of mint in 7up. A little disappointment in what I was expecting to be Mint lemonade as but it was over all good and refreshing after those spices. (Inside my head I was singing, Haye Haye Mirchein, Uff Uff Mirchein), the wings must be singing (I am Saucy and i know it)


That was all about food. Wanted to order dessert too but the diet. (Calorie Count ny marwa diya). As for the space, its cozy but can only serve 12 to 14 people at max, perfect for weekdays but a night mare on weekend. The only thing I would suggest the WINGITT team to work on is the serving, our orders were delivered in two go, where as it should have been delivered together.

I would rate this 9/10 at the moment, but this might increase in my next visit. While writing this I still can feel the spices in my mouth and I am craving for some. I need to get something for me, and you guys enjoy this and do share your experience.

 P.s I loved the Food Erotica explanation of the wings on paper table mats.