“There Is No Power On Earth That Can Undo Pakistan” (Quaid’s words)

Pakistan’s first online travel company Faremakers.com sharing their happiness in advance with all the Pakistanis on the Independence Day. Your traveling partner is true patriot and do love by heart to their land because if today, we work here as a free entrepreneur, live in our homes peacefully, go for earning respectfully & safely, it’s all just because of that day which came in the past due to the efforts of “Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah” on 14th August 1947 (27 Ramadan).

“Allah Gifted Us This Homeland On The Pious Month Ramadan”

On 14 August 2018, it celebrates in all over the Pakistan prominent location is Wagah Border. There will be a national flag raising ceremony held and flag hoisting in the sky with the “National Anthem” as the proud of Pak Arz-e-Zameen. Many people will go to this location for the respect of flag hoisting and for pay regards of Pakistan’s founder. In the early morning after hoisting a flag, army soldiers do the parade in the shade of flag.

Country’s Recognition:

“The Foundation Of Our Land In On ‘Kalama Tayyaba’ Pious Ayat”

Flag is the symbol of a country, without flag you can’t recognize as a nation, so must respect your flags. Our flag consists of two portions with the printed crescent moon and 5 rayed star, 1 section is large with green color that is the symbol of Muslim’s majority while the white section is small that show minority of other religious also has rights in Pakistan. Our homeland is peaceful land in which follow all policies according to Islam, give rights equally to men and women, even pay rights to the minority of other religions.

Public Holiday Celebration:

This day is knows as public holiday, because on this day all the government, non-government departments, schools, offices, education institutions, all markets remain close. This day celebrate in Pakistan by Heart and it’s the right of our state from us that we held big festival for this land. People enjoy this on different ways which we try to tell you.

  • People make dresses in green and white colors and wear it with proud.
  • Decorate their houses and street with small flags and 1 big flag hoist on their roof with height.
  • Children purchase badges and make tattoo on their faces and go with parents outside to celebrate this day.
  • Watches movies and dramas which direct on the how to came Pakistan into being?
  • Tell the story about Pakistan’s resolution to their children.

Background Reflection:

Now we tell you about few lines of sacrifices which do our ancestors for getting home-land. New generation don’t clearly know about how many difficulties faced our fore-father for this land.  Hindus treated very badly with Muslims in past. Our elders were not allowed to  offer even prayers in Mosques. Muslim’s women couldnt go outside safely. They lived as a worst life on the earth, and then Allah Almighty sent his pious person in the named as Muhammad Ali Jinnah with his companions Allama Iqbal, Liaqat Ali Khan and other. When we discuss companions then we can’t neglect the name of Miss: Fatima Jinnah. Even she got the title of “Mader-e- Millat (mother of nation)”. She stood every-time with her brother and does effort, struggled as she done. She
motivated the women about separate homeland. Her brother said:

“No nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by side with you.”

Whether she is daughter of our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) Hazrat Fatima, Mother of Hazrat Hassan and Hussain (R.A), wife of a Hazrat Ali (R.A) or sister likes a Fatima Jinnah. These ladies is the most respectful and prominent personalities in every field. Hazrat Fatima helps to the Islam while Fatima Jinnah helped for getting
separate homeland.

Pak Sar Zameen:

They came in the front as angels for Muslims and did effort to reliefs our fore-father from the British and Hindus cruelty. In 1930 Allama Muhammad Iqbal gave the idea of a separate Muslim’s home-land that would geographically covered Muslim majority areas in the subcontinent. This lovely land named coined by Choudry Rehmat Ali that conjunction of two words Pak meaning Pure and Stan meaning Land, which means (Pak Sar Zameen).

With them political efforts our ancestors do lot of sacrifices, they came to Pakistan by dropped everything behind in India. Many Muslims killed in the way, many girls kidnapped, children killed in front of parents. Bloodbath is commonly played as a holy event. But finally Quaid-e- Azam succeeded to get Pakistan with their companions for the Muslims. It’s all that sacrifices which can’t explain in the words. Just advise to all the new generations, respect our ancestor’s sacrifices. Always try to remain peaceful in Pakistan because we got this land after many count-less self-sacrifices.

14 August Travel Deals:

So, you sit anywhere in the world, come to our mother-land on 14 August and take part in the celebration on the day. Share your emotions and feelings about Independence Day with your relatives and friends. To make your freedom event most memorable, we provide you best flight deals for the 14th August 2018 without any extra charges, because it’s our company contribution towards this day. You can travel on any flight; all flights facilities are provided may its Air blue flights, Shaheen air or any other domestic or international flights.

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1 st Independence Day:

This is first Pakistan’s Independence Day after election 2018, as we all know about the result of election; we just pray to Allah that the new ruler do effort for the success of Pakistan and its nation with enthusiastically. May Allah Almighty give him energy for good deed in the favor of our state and he maintains this pride land with glory. We pray that may he follow our first leader’s guideline in the progress of this land because Quaid-e Azam is not only the founder of Pakistan infect he was first leader also.

May Pakistan Always Remain Pak Sar-Zamin Shad Bad…….. Qaum, Mulk, Sultanat Pa-Inda Tabinda Baad! Amen.

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Just log in our website and get tickets to back your country on this event or if you are in Lahore while your family is in London then you can buy tickets from Lahore to London route and celebrate 14 August on the other land with their family. It’s a big pride for  Pakistan that pakistanis celebrate independence dayat other places with zeal and zest. If you have no internet facility then you can call us on our toll-free number (0800 00747) .

Happy Independence day 

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