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My Kaymu Store for Women Entrepreneurs. and WomenX have joined hands to incubate fresh startup businesses online by creating a My Kaymu Store for them. The event took place in Karachi last week. recently invited around 30 women from WomenX who are registered in the 4th cohort at IBA Center for Entrepreneurship Development (IBA-CED) to facilitate them with becoming Kaymu retailers and nurture their business/ develop their customer base.

Kaymu.Pk and WomenX joined hand to promote young women Entrepreneurship. Photo clicked during the session

After giving the orientation about the Kaymu to the women, the team explained them how to sign up as a merchant, how to describe products using appropriate content jargon and price them taking into account cost and profit margin. The women were provided laptops and free product photography to facilitate them to become Kaymu retailers instantaneously.

coollllage 1
Young Entrepreneurs while having session and getting training

The session was  in continuation of a previous session “Online Marketing Mix & Mingle” (held formerly this year) where industry connoisseurs like Maliha Rao of Fashion Pakistan Council, Imtiaz Noor of Kaymu and Nazish Chagla of N’eco’s shared insights regarding brand positioning, product photography, pricing and promotion for an e-commerce business. Kaymu Pakistan aims to follow these sittings with regular consultancy and guidance for interested members over the course of time and plan to roll out to other cities as well.

group photo taken at the end of session, participants along with mentors.

WomenX Pakistan is a pilot for a global World Bank program to upkeep high-growth potential women entrepreneurs. The program is being executed in Karachi, Lahore, and Peshawar by Enclude. Through the program, participating women business owners receive a package of services– including business and soft skills training, networking, peer-to-peer coaching activities, one-on-one mentoring, and specialized business clinics– that directly address the range of constraints restricting their growth. The program aims to develop entrepreneurs’ capacity to improve enterprise management and business performance outcomes, thereby stimulating job creation and contributing to economic growth.  At a macro level, the program fosters a more innovative and inclusive entrepreneurial eco-system for women entrepreneurs through a public discourse campaign, Women’s INC.


proud moment for women Entrepreneurs

Five women, five stories, one demand Inclusivity

Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Industries Ltd launched its online fashion portal with the preview of its collection on Saturday at the ongoing Lakme Fashion Week Mumbai. Isha Ambani, director on the board of Reliance Retail, the retail arm of RIL who has been closely associated with the online fashion venture from its conceptualization was present at the Lakme Fashion Week.

Ajio pronounced as “Aa-jio”, was launched at the biggest fashion platform in India, Lakme fashion Week 2016 #summer resort. Isha Ambani’s #DoubtIsOut started some time ago, keeping in mind the uniqueness each and every individual possess. This led to a belief at Ajio’s supporting fearless fashion, perfectly crafted for today’s women. The best part of Ajio’s display on ramp was the 5 showstoppers who absolutely grabbed the show.

Ajio selected 5 women from 5 different backgrounds, showcasing #DoubtIsOut and fashion has no bar. Although the show stoppers were from different backgrounds, all they portrayed was their demand for inclusivity in India. There should be no bar when it comes to fashion. The show stoppers were Bharti Singh, Laxmi Narayan, Sunny Leone, veteran Helen and Suman Sharma.


Who says curvy ladies can’t be stylish? Bharti Singh, comedian shut everyone who think like this, by strutting in style, supporting “Size No Bar”

photo courtesy : Sujit Jaiswal / AFP / Getty Images

As they say,” Dil hona chahiye da Jawan, umar vich ki rakhiya”, it’s true. The Very first “item girl” of Bollywood, rocked the ramp supporting “Age No Bar”. I loved her entry; vivacious, and the way she was dancing while walking on ramp was adorable.

Photo Courtesy:Sujit Jaiswal / AFP / Getty Images
Photo Courtesy:Sujit Jaiswal / AFP / Getty Images

The bold, stylish, sexy and gorgeous Sunny Leone walked the ramp supporting “Choice No Bar” that encompasses #DoubtIsOut moment by She was all dolled up and looked so fragile.

photo courtesy: SUJIT JAISWAL/AFP / Getty Images

The entire house was roaring in excitement when Suman Sharma graced the ramp. She walked for her belief “Career No Bar”. Suman is the first women to fly the Russian MiG-35 Fighter Jet.

Photo courtesy: boldskyliving / Via

Last but not the least came the spot on Laxmi Narayan Tripathi. Laxmi is a Bharatnatyam dancer and transgender activist who has been working endlessly for community. She walked the ramp for “Gender No Bar”. I absolutely loved the way she walked so adroitly. I remembered meeting her at Karachi, she is such a witty and charming lady.

Photo Courtesy :Sujit Jaiswal / AFP / Getty Images

I can’t help showing off me meeting her here in Karachi, and I actually love my pic with her.

Myself with Laxmi Narayan tripathi ( transgender activist from India) and Kami Sid (transgender activist from Pakistan)

Over all, Ajio has brought an amazing concept which is much needed in today’s fashion world. It actually is fashion Inclusivity. Enjoy the Ajio moments of Lakme Fashion Week 2016 video at the end and this amazing group photo of them with other models on the ramp.

Photo Courtesy : Laxmi Narayan Tripathi

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I AM KARACHI Day 2016: Karachi Matters!

I Am Karachi presented, the first ever I AM KARACHI Awards to honor the contribution of the city’s dedicated and unrecognized heroes at Frere Hall on the occasion of the second official I AM Karachi Day on March 26th 2016.

The inaugural I AM KARACHI AWARDS have established themselves as the o
nly civic responsibility and diversity awards exclusively for residents of the city. I AM KARACHI Awards recognize visionary individuals who have shown inspirational resilience, hope, pride and determination.

collage 5


The award function was headlined by a spell binding rock-symphonic version of the national anthem by Sounds of Kolachi with the talented youth of Karachi. Award winning pop stars Sara Haider(loved her performance), Zoe Viccaji(she rocked as always)  and traditional singers were also showcased at the event.

PicMonkey Collage


President of IAMKARACHI Jameel Yusuf, described IAM KARACHI DAY as a “celebration of the success of the city’s resilient spirit” and announced that the awards will be given out throughout the course of the year.


I AM KARACHI DAY ceremonies were hosted by Karachi icons Deepak Perwani and Atiya Khan who discussed the necessity of a diverse culture in a mega-city like Karachi. This was followed by Vice President of Society for I AM KARACHI, Mr. Amin Hashwani who announced the official launch of a city wide I AM KARACHI Sports Festival that will begin next month. Founding member Ms. Rumana Hussain also announced the launch of a new wave of I AM KARACHI ‘Walls of Peace’ – where young artists cover hateful graffiti with their artistic creations to reclaim public space.

collage 3

In an unprecedented display of support academics, business leaders and celebrities attended the function to show their love to the city and those honored. Awards were distributed by notable figures including: Ronak Lakhani, Zubaida Mustafa, Talat Hussain, Ishrat Hussain and Fuzon.

collage 4

The event was a grand equalizer with citizens from all areas and strata uniting to mark the occasion, as could be seen in a visualization activity where residents of Karachi could mark their homes on a giant map.


The celebration follows a ‘Karachi Matters Week’ drive to boost citizen participation conducted across the city. Partners of IAK and volunteer groups had conducted over thirty workshops, art projects, and social innovation activities to encourage thoughtful dialogue for a unified social outlook in various neighborhoods. I myself had participated in this and had amazing sessions at Juvenile Jail, Lyari, PACC and Pediatric Oncology of Aga Khan University Hospital

collage 2

IAMKARACHIDAY is a celebration of the city and part of a larger city-wide movement that aims to inculcate hope, pride and ownership in the citizens of Karachi by reclaiming public spaces through sports, arts, culture and dialogues.


Hats off to the brilliant  team at Polaris who managed and executed the event and Kudos to Mindmap for amazing  PR& Social Media handling.


Babu Samjho Isharey, Horn Pukarey…Pum Pum

I have been living in Karachi for 15 years now. Most of the people here are way more practical, sensible and intellectually better than others cities which has had me swayed a lot of times. But they complain of tension a lot. Recently I have started having that too. How? Karachi’s Traffic, oh yell ya. Whether I am driving a car or riding my bike around the city, the rowdiness of Karachi’s traffic has sent my tension levels way up. So I tried distressing the stress by finding the fun side of all that traffic issues. That had made me more vigilant rather than being irked.

(Warning: this is going to be a long post.)

There is an old joke “When a famous mountaineer was asked why he wanted to climb Nang Parbat, his answer was brief – “Because it is there”. Same way if you ask any Karachite, why he tootles the horn, he would most probably reply the same.” Karachi’s roads are getting filled with new cars every day, all type of cars, big small, medium, and the remaining portion is filled by us bikers. Mostly the big cars’ owners are confused, concerning traffic? Na, they are confused if they have bought road or the car. Traffic in Karachi makes you having a firm belief that” there is a God up somewhere and He is “Pro-karachite”, with traffic continuing to move even after the lights have gone red for one side and the traffic from the other side would start moving before their light has turned green. Still there are no accidents.

That’s just doesn’t end here. Karachi has got the greatest acrobats out there on roads, want to know how? Well look around, all these drivers talking on cellphones, all the drivers talking on the mobile, blowing the horn, Thrashing the traffic signals, cursing the motorists, avoiding the pot holes and people doing the walk on roads just to go to God knows where, all at the same time while chewing the pan too and spitting on the roads, because they want to make the roads rangeen. The only time traffic lights are being properly followed when there is a tulla nearby, and you don’t want to give him chai pani ka kharcha.

A normal traffic situation on I I Chundigarh road during peak hours
A normal traffic situation on I I Chundigarh road during peak hours

But there are times when you actually want to be a good citizen and stop at signal and suddenly all the traffic behind you stops too. Is it a good citizen day today? Naaa, they thought you have spotted a traffic sergeant which they must have missed. Honking after the signal turns green is considered Holy, and who doesn’t want to be religious on this. Oh yes, most of the times we don’t care for ambulances, why would we? After all we are a small country with billion people. We normally calculate the distance in time instead of Km/Miles, 5 minutes by walk, half an hour on car/bike.

Needless to say, none of what I have written implies that we should disregard traffic rules, etc. Its merely one possible perspective of the situation. Till the day comes when laws are strictly enforced, hopefully this perspective will help in safer and more peaceful driving.

night view of traffic in Karachi
night view of traffic in Karachi

That a fundamental concept behind surviving on Indian roads is communication. This communication is in the form of indicators, honks, a flicker of brake lights, a slight turn of the front wheel, vague gestures some which are supposedly hand signals, a slight tilt of the head or a flick of the wrist saying “you go ahead” or “wait a sec”, a look at each other’s eyes, facial expression… these things are so subtle that we take them for granted. Yet I find them incredibly beautiful, I have never seen such delicate communique in any other country’s traffic

So to summarize:

  • Before doing anything (turning/stopping, etc.), let people around you know in some way.
  • Sense what other people are going to do, not just depending on their explicit signals, but on more subtle ones. For example, an auto going slowly wanting to stop: If you are lucky, he might care to stick a finger out for a brief moment to show his intent. At other times, the very presence of a pedestrian standing idly on the footpath could imply that he is going to stop abruptly. This is just one example, there are endless others and can never be voiced, because they are entirely situation dependent.Keep on singing : Babuuooo smjhoo Isharey,, Horn pukareyy…. Pum pum.

Have a safe driving .

A normal day on busy Karachi streets with massive traffic
A normal day on busy Karachi streets with massive traffic flowing in from all sides.


Push Because Pushpa aint coming to push you.

Push Push Push… Coz Pushpa isn’t coming to give you a push… Yes, it’s true, when it comes to reaching out for your goals. It is only you, who can push yourself into the hardships to get that achieved. Although Pushpa wants you to be successful, yet she is too lazy to push you for this.

Have you ever thought, what is common among the people whom Pushpa is always supporting, those who are leading, taking new challenges and creating new milestones?

One of the common answers, I normally have come across, is that they are born achievers. Well, no it is not the case. There may be some lucky people out there and it’s a blessing, but to get bounties mostly it is up to us who have to work our way up.

We have to push ourselves out of our comfort zones, and unless we are not willing to do that, we won’t be able to achieve our targets. Yes, exactly ‘the targets’, which we make and then we hide them somewhere in between our comfort zones and coziness. An object cannot really push itself, so much as it can push other, more static objects, like a wall or something. Even if you sometimes try to push your own body, you might find that it doesn’t really do much but knock you over.

If you find your own method of propulsion insufficient, perhaps you need the help of external stimuli. But hey, wait, let’s devise some easy method for this. By ‘easy’ I didn’t mean very easy, but the one which needs motivation and consistency.

“Make hard look easy,” Stein writes. “I like that challenge. I like being the kind of person who is capable of that.”


These are few steps on which we have to work for Pushpa to start liking you. Simple, understandable and of course result oriented.

  1. Convince yourself and take Control: Yes, you read it right, you need to convince yourself that, you actually want to do it. Unless you are convinced to do anything, you won’t be able to even take a step for that. Be in charge of your body and be the strictest you can.
  2. Break your goals/tasks into short timelines: Isn’t that sounds good. Instead of working for the last deadline, why don’t you create multiple deadlines for yourself? Break the task and you would be taking more interest in finishing it. You will get more fun in thinking of all the possible ways you can use to cross the path.
  3. Surround yourself with Quality people: The saying goes, you’re the average of the 5 people you hang out with most — so surround yourself with HARD workers!” Be it anyone at workplace, or hangouts. Choose wisely with whom you want to share your quality time.
  4. Stay Focused & Remember “Why”? : It’s difficult to motivate yourself to keep working if you’re not able to concentrate on the task at hand. Nothing is more motivating than reminding yourself whyyou’re doing the work in the first place. Whether you’re building a product you love or simply putting food on the table for your family, it’s crucial that you remain in touch with what inspires you.

Last but not the least

5.Stay Positive: You have to, there is no other way out, You can’t go all down and low if you face one failure, they are there to come on your path, it’s you who have to stay focused and go pass them. Failures are only there to tell you that there are more than one ways to do things. Isn’t that Simple…

You have to stay focus, on your abilities rather than on your weak points. No one in this world is present without any of these weaker areas but the true beauty of success is how you hide them from world and don’t let them come in your way towards your destination,

Marina Abaza suggests focusing on your strengths, rather than dwelling on your weaknesses.

“Building self-esteem is about finding out what your strengths are and then developing and building on them,” Abaza writes. “Your employer would not have given you a job if they did not recognize certain skills in you.”

So what are you waiting for? Get up and give a PUSH to YOURSELF, coz Pushpa is binge-watching movies &  everyone is else busy pushing themselves and nobody has got time for you.


WordPress Feb Meet up- Karachi Chapter

So, Its happening finally. Who had thought something like this would take place in Karachi, but it happened and today is going to be its 2nd episode. Yes, Thanks to Syed Waseem Abbas and his team’s passion and tiring efforts, First WordPress Karachi meet up took Place  in the Mind gym of The Nest. It got overwhelming response from people and so many people showed up. 2 hours of interactive session took place and people did networking too.

Today, its 2nd episode is going to take place at the same venue, with more number of attendees confirmed this time. There will be several topics which will be covered by different speakers but key speakers for today are Bilal Shahid & Kamran Zahid. Bilal would be speaking and sharing his knowledge and experience on WordPress Rest API, whereas Kamran would be telling about Freelancing.

Wait, did i tell you its not all.. yes, you got it right, this time WordPress Meet up has much more to offer you. With the Key note sessions, attendees would be getting a workshop as well as a big surprise. Now obviously i cant disclose the surprise and ruin it for everyone.

So what are you waiting for. Your time starts now, run towards the Nest and attend this fabulous session before you miss out and have to wait for a month to get the opportunity again.

All the best to the energetic and dedicated team at the back for putting up a great show