I don’t know where to begin and what to say, this would be my first food review solely dedicated to Pizzeria. Until now I haven’t exclusively reviewed or thought of reviewing one of the pizzeria only. Everyone has different things they desire to have, what I spend my most of time digging about is to think of mouthwatering foods, and to try new cuisine. It can be start of any Disney movie which have fireworks at the start and I get the same fireworks when I think about the food, especially when its Pizza. Since 2010 when I started working with one of the Five stars we have in Karachi I have been looking for some heavenly taste of the pizza with the perfect ingredients in Karachi, until now.

Earlier This week, I along with my foodie gang got to try this new Pizzeria in town, Auzee Pizza, and yes you are thinking it right, the Auzee is small for Australian. Goplani family has brought their pizza business, which they have been running to Pakistan, which they have been running in Australia for 13 years.  Sharjeel Goplani, is the main person behind the taste, which I am sharing with you in the lines below. I would be keeping this review in 2 parts to do the justice with each and everything. In this I am going to review the Ambiance, The Appetizer, and one Pizza which I liked the most.  Part 2 of this blog will continue with the other pizzas I had. Let me Begin with Ambiance



Although it’s a take away out let but as soon as you enter the outlet, you surely would be saying, bloody hell, and that in a good manner. Subway had been giving you the open bar option for quiet long to get your sandwiches made, but now you have your own Pizza bar ready, get your own customized pizza made, and in case if you are taking one of their recipes, they will create them in front of you. Auzee Pizza has everything in front of you to pick from there and get on your pizza, your Pizza would bake in front of you so that you know how it’s being made.  This couldn’t be better than this.



We had tried Chicken wings along with herbs and Garlic cheese squares. We were recommended to try these, and I am glad that we were recommended these, these are actually good.

Chicken wings: Oh, no no no, not those wings which comes to your mind whenever you think about the chicken wings, these were 200 % better than those gyms fitted wings. These are healthy and desi styled BBQ wings, which are way too better than the other ones we get. Yes, one might mistake them as the BBQ boti we get on the shadi but you gonna love it for sure. A must to taste , I recommend.

Herbs& Garlic Cheese squares:  If you are a Cheese fan and you are also a Garlic fan, then this is for you, Garlic squares have got two different type of cheese layered with in the squares with Garlic in middle and the herbs in the dough.  This is now, officially my favorite appetizer, and bye to all the Garlic pasted brushed on the top breads available in the market. Do try this, only if you are a garlic fan, you might don’t like it if you are not into Garlic.


Main Course:

Here comes the main course, as I said I would be sharing my views on one of the pizza we had that day, so there you go. I would start with the Garlic Prawn Pizza

Garlic Prawn Pizza: Yes, I wrote it right. For the first time we now have seafood pizza, and you can have the prawn pizza to only at #AuzeePizza. Served on a thin crust (all their pizza are thin crust) with feta cheese and Prawns along with herbs, it had a very mild taste. The herbs blend with Prawn would might make you feel like you are having a wasabi pizza. Not necessarily you gonna love it, esp if you are not a seafood fan. But a person like me, who loves prawn, this was actually good. And Finally some seafood pizza too.

To be continued…