Thursdays are usually mail days and yesterday what I got in my mail was Limited edition Azadi Special BOLD Fragrances by Hilal Care. #SmellOfFreedom as they say. Bold’s Azadi Edition is launched to honor the sacrifices made by our forefathers and martyrs both on Independence day as well as Defense day while remembering the war of 1965. A friend who was visiting me at that time, asked me the point of using the fragrances, and all and said men don’t need all these fragrances. My answer was gone are the days, when men used to only wash their face, comb their hair and they were ready for any occasion. Today’s man is metrosexual. He is trendy, chic, in vogue and dandy. He is updated with all the relevant hacks for keeping himself vibrant and vigorous. Of these hacks some are on his lifestyle and the way he carries himself. If you are all up and ready, you obviously wouldn’t want to smell bad or in appropriate.

Fragrances play a vital role telling about your personality. But now the question is what to pick? Originally branded fragrances aren’t afforded by everyone, so this is not an option for every man. What’s next? Body Spray, well that’s affordable, but again, there are hundreds of them when you go to your supermarket’s body spray aisle. Confusing… isn’t it?

Let’s keep the game simple. Buy Body spray which isn’t full of gas.  I said this to a friend of mine, and he was like, “Do this kind of spray exists”? and I showed him my body spray which I have been using for a year now. Although this is a very lesser known segment in the market as these are mostly kept in the higher price section and people prefer aerosol sprays which hardly last 75 -90 minutes. Gas free sprays, on the other hand, last at least twice the time aerosol sprays, stay. As per my usage, BOLD body sprays I am using, these last 5 to 6 hours. Since this not gas but droplets of the fine fragrances, these can be used on the body as well as on clothes. Hilal care has done some amazing work with the launch of these Bold fragrances, and being a metrosexual I always carry a BOLD with me in my bag, and one is always there in my car’s dashboard. You must be thinking if it always stays there in the dashboard, it would have been destroyed due to extreme heat when the car is parked outside entire day. BOLD manufacturers have made sure that the packaging is incorporating with these kinds of extreme temperature situations.

I even took these BOLD sprays to my Dubai Vacation trip and the fragrance was admired by everyone there. I didn’t have to carry perfumes with me additional. As Bold has the highest level of fragrance as compare to others.   Coming back to the Azadi Edition, I absolutely loved it that they have come out with this amazing fragrance from Bold Fragrance line, smelling of which I get the feeling that this is a unique variant designed for the Independence day and Defense day. Not only it resonates the spirit of Pakistanis but it also smells of Freedom. It has a very distinctive blend of Jasmine into coconut that whiffs really good. BOLD fragrances are handpicked after rigorous consumer and professional researchers. These are from Finest suppliers from Europe. Well, I brought the bottle office today and showed that to my colleagues. Everyone loved the fragrance and they went bonkers to grab it from me. Meanwhile, I am saving my BOLD Azadi edition bottle from them, why don’t you go and get yours, before it’s too late.