On this fine Sunday, 2 days ago, my 2 months’ diet got badly shredded (couldn’t resist doing that), when I hoped on the Food Panda’s new initiative Desi #FoodRun, which they have organized with TSG #SWOTonWheels. A bunch of Food bloggers (all die hard foodies) accompanied food Panda & TSG team on this tour de foodie around Karachi, to experience the traditional flavors being offered in different parts of the city.  This is the first time ever done in the history (as far as I remembered), Pakistan’s largest online food ordering company boarded on such ride where the Live food, that also from different places on a single day was satisfying the paapi paits of the foodies. Generally eating at seven places in one evening would be non-imaginable but these die hard foodies did this to satisfy their taste buds with the traditional flavors being offered on the streets of Karachi. (Paapi pait Aur Khaney ki mohabbat, kya kyakarwa deti hai). 25 people, 7 places, one ride, one mission – EAT. (All this to be done in 5 hours)

   foodpanda goes on a Desi #FoodRun with TSG’s SWOT-on-Wheels

The Food Sawari Left Zamzama around 6ish and our first stop was Burns Road, the oldest food street Karachi has offering you the appetizing and tempting flavors of every kind of Food. Our first stop was Waheed, which is famous for greasy yet heavenly Butter-Fry Kebab and Nihari, and that served with the raunchy chatni and Garam garam Naan was Cherry on top. Though no one was in mood of leaving the Nihari behind as the condition was DIL Mangey More, but we had to since other places were supposed to be checked too.

Moving on to the stop two, we had Hanifia , at new town. We got to taste its famous Hunter Beef Burgers, which were good. And No it wasn’t a hunter beef burger being enjoyed in a lavish café, this was road side sitting set up and was actually good.  I loved the sauce they were serving with the burgers, and got to know that their Sauce is World Famous in Karachi. As they get special orders for the sauce on occasions.
To add up to the burgers we had Sugar cane juice shots (yeah sounded more like Tequila shots, But Haza Haram, we are happy on Sugar Cane Shots). It was way fresh and the taste was really enticing.


How can we miss the barbeque and that also from Meerath Kebab house, when it’s a Desi Food Run. Our next stop was the famous Meerath Kebab house at guru mandir food street, where we had chicken tikka along with the Paratha (They don’t serve naan, as they believe the paratha is the only and best companion of the BBQ Chicken, and I agree), sides with the Kathas Chatni which was tantalizing the tender and juicy Chicken tikka and the crispy Paratha.

This isn’t over yet, we had not recovered from the divine foodgasm and we were at the Saleem Lassi next to Meerath. Initially it was supposed to be the Lassi Competition Between Faraz and Naushad,  Which Maushad clean swept. Faraz hadn’t drunk the quarter and he was done with his 2 glasses. Wait, this isn’t the real story, the




story is we were asked if we want Lassi Shots too

( Kis Khambakht ny inkaar krna tha), but the glasses we got on the name were shots were our normal water glasses filled.. And we were about to go to Food Coma.
Since we had to keep the track of time as well, it had already getting late. We all rushed from Guru mandir to Bahadurabad, where our next stop was Zameer Ansari. (Haye! My tummy is now thinking to call for dharna as I am writing about the food and not serving one to tummy darling). At Zameer Ansari, we got Dhaga Kebab and Shahi Chatakh sided with Paratha and chatni. Although everyone was stuffed, but the lip smacking and luscious food was seducing us to have another round of foodgasm … Divine FOOD PORN it was. The chatakh boti melted in mouth the very moment we kept that in our mouth. And Dhaga kebab was palatable. By now everyone has started craving for some chai (Karachities and Chai has utoot bandhan) , our next stop was Alamgir Quetta Hotel on the same road for some chai and lachey waley Parathey. Though we were almost full, so the parathas were share, but everyone grabbed their cup of teas, which recharged us for last spot on the Desi Food Run.


Dhoraji ka Gola Ganda na khaya tou phr kya khaya, is normally said in Karachi. And that was our last spot. The bus headed to Dhoraji’s famous Saleem Qadir Uncle Gola Ganda, The colorful syrups on the crushed ice and topped with dense layers of condensed milk. It was epitome of making a quick icy dessert in the garam mahol. Everyone enjoyed the Gola and this was the best way to end a desi food run. From there we all headed back to zamzama, where our cars were parked and our ghar waley have already started calling us as we were already 90 minutes over the time it was decided to end but it was well justified with the desi food Run organized by Food Panda and Swot on wheels.

Well, if you are hungry too after reading this, as I am hungry like anything. Why don’t you order some food from Food Panda as I am drooling over the offers they have and the food heaven they are. Let me take a food break and will catch you soon with another story of my food ventures soon.