Yesterday, I was out for Iftar with my girls, and we want to go to one of the famous food outlets at Dolmen Mall Clifton (DMC). Since they don’t take reservations, we had to reach there on time but somehow the traffic didn’t let us reach there early. By the time we arrived, all the tables were occupied. The quest for a good place for iftar began then, almost all the outlets and Foodcourt was filled. We happened to see this newly opened Cafe Tiramisu next to Fat Burger. Since we had no other option left, we rushed to Tiramisu (we wanted to get the table before this gets occupied too). Luckily we got the last table left there.

So Iftar time was near, we needed to place the order ASAP.  we were handed over the menu, which was very limited, two items in each category, (We were later told that since it’s in a period of soft launch that’s why). We wanted to play safe on the menu, so we ordered all time safest option, Fettucini Alfredo. Along with that we picked one dish from the poultry section and ordered Pollo Jalapeno. We were informed that the Iftar Platter and Lemonade will be served at Iftar and that’s on house, and we were asked if we are ok with our order being delivered after the iftar. We were good to go with this, so we agreed.  Now after ordering food, we looked around the place and started observing the ambiance and decor. I would say, the ambiance was quite good with some really thoughtfully done decor, the chairs were plush and tables were aesthetically set. Service staff was rushing here and there, serving the Iftar platters on all the tables.

We got our platter too in no time, and we saw strange orangish Alou waley Pakorey (we got to know the reality Later). The Owner of the newly opened Cafe Tiramisu was also present and was himself serving at few tables too. Yes, yes, he himself was helping his serving staff. So yeah, coming back to the platter, It had some pakorey, Fruit Chat (Peach, Apple & Watermelon) and Veggie Rolls. Lemonade was served along with the platter.  I had already seen the size of lemonade being served so I ordered a Mint Margarita as well. Now coming to the Orangish Alou waley Pakorey, turns out to be a surprise, those were carrot pakoras, yes Gajar k pakorey. Who would have thought that, right? By the way, they were good.

Now the Food which we had ordered, the serving size of both the dishes was excellent, good enough to serve the appetite of a normal man. In addition to that, the presentation was nice too. Fettuccini AlFredo was of the same taste, as of all the leading outlets in Karachi who serve good Fettuccini. Pollo Jalapeno tasted good, not much tangy, not much spicy, chicken breasts were fried to the perfection and tasted good. Mint Margarita needs some itsy bitsy correction; it was too salty.

The service staff was good, courteous and friendly and was serving at their best. Even the owner was helping out his staff. Though there was slight delay in orders being delivered, it’s understandable since Iftar time and the servers themselves were fasting too. Of over all Experience I would say, Ambiance 9.5/10, Service 9/10, Food was 9/10, Value for Money 9/10. I hope they extend their menu once the soft launch period is over. I surely would like to visit this place again with my friends. Per head cost is 1000/- PKR  to 1500/- PKR , depending what do you order. Overall I would say it was a good experience. I only have one question for Mr. Hammadullah, why the cafe has been named Cafe Tiramisu, when there is no Tiramisu in the menu. Why o Why?


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