On 23rd March, I was invited by Golin Pk on the live jamming of Cheapmunks at Wingitt. The night was supposed to be exciting with the Live music tossed with the Wingitt. The last I was at Wingitt when they were at Bukhari. Recently I had seen them at a new location, yes Sehar Commercial it is. As much as I was interested in the Cheapmunks to live, I was also curious to know about the Wingitt Food. Have they maintained the standards or not, is the quality the same? Do they have something new on the menu? Will it be as exciting as the last visit?

I had visited and reviewed Wingitt during September 2016, and it was still a new baby on the block by then. My review can be read here, Hot wings are in town – Lets Wingitt”. I had liked it back then, and now I was to Wingitt after 6 months.

I loved the consistency they have maintained. Everything I was experiencing now was pitch perfect. There were few glitches last time but I was unable to find any this time. Buffalo wings were scrumptious, spicy and served hot. Honey mustard wings were tantalizing y taste buds and I was having the foodgasm. The wings were being served and as soon as I was getting done with one serving, and was about to ask for other, the second serving would be there on my table. I and my foodie group were in the food heaven.

Wingitt has introduced panini on their menu and this is actually good in taste. I loved the flavor and the texture of the panini which was seductive enough to have foodgasm again on panini.

Overall the ambiance was rapchik, Wingitt has kept the standards same, or I must say they have raised the bar high. Live Music by the Cheapmunks, was doing wonders. They sang all the 90s numbers which were too good to be enjoyed with a straight face, everyone was cheering, waving hands, singing with them and enjoying the wings while they were winging it.

I would suggest for those 90s fans, to must visit Wingitt at Sehar Commercial as they have kept Pacman for the visitors to enjoy as well.  The food there is already amazing with a large variety of sauces available. Sip it, Sup it and Savors it coz lets wingitt.  Thanks to Golin Pk for inviting me to such a great night at Wingitt.