With Dawlance being in our houses for so long that even we dont remember anytime we had not seen Dawlance around us. And it has brought innovation and new technology with time but with its recent technology , Insect repellent appliances , it has nailed it actually. Dawlance has introduced Health Zone Plus Appliances which have a chemical free insect repellent technology that keeps insects away from your kitchen and home, this technology creates a safe zone around itself such that insects don’t like to come near that area, the safe zone covers the area around the appliance be it the countertop where your Dawlance Microwave oven is kept, or the kitchen where Dawlance Refrigerator stands or the laundry area where Dawlance Washing Machine is placed ! Now thats something good, atleast i wont have to listen to the my sister’s screams which we have to listen whenever she sees a cockroach. The advertisement has picked quite a bit which is almost a “Kahani har ghar ki”.  Now you can stay healthy and eat healthy sa Dawlance hai na, because Dawlance reliable hai. Have a look at their new TVC showing the real life scenarios we all have experienced .