Ariel, a renowned laundry detergent by P&G, launched part one of its Wash the Label campaign with the purpose of creating awareness among women to avoid labelling other women. It is a common practice in our society to put labels on successful women to discredit them of their hard work and earned reward. Women especially do this to other women out of either jealousy or the habit of stereotyping. The campaign compares putting labels on someone to staining their clothes. No cloth looks presentable with stains and no human being can shine with labels. It is time to #WashTheLabel and be happy in each other’s success.

The campaign started with the launch of a TVC on 20th November 2016. Talented and successful women like Sidra Iqbal, Momal Sheikh, and Hareem Farooq were part of the campaign. Each recounted their experiences of being labelled and urged women to support each other. They emphasized on the women’s need to stand by each other on occasions of happiness just as they stand by each other when it comes to demanding their rights. The campaign ended on a live Facebook session with Ayesha Omar.