In books and articles, they say I am differently abled, then why everyone treats me as trash. I can do everything like everyone else, then why can’t I be treated like a normal people. Why I am pushed to the last row in every round of competition whether it’s sports, lifestyle or simply life. Why do people have to judge that I can’t do anything before asking me or knowing me? Just because I am not well equipped in one thing that doesn’t mean I am not good in others too.

These thoughts can be coming from you as well if you had been a differently able person or they say in crude language “Disabled Person”. Every Now and then we talk about inclusivity, we become keyboard jihadi but how many times we do actually step up to be part of the inclusivity we talk about? We are always ready to show sympathy to the Differently able persons, something they least want, but hardly we as a society encourage them to lead a normal life, being comfortable in what they are.

As grown up Kids (I won’t use the word Adults as we have accepted ourselves as Adults yet), we do talk about inclusivity and of equal rights of All these people but how many of us are teaching this to our off springs and the younger ones coming after us. Hardly 5 % or may be 7 %, but isn’t this number alarming? Would we enjoy if we or any loved one is in this position and people making fun of them and mocking at them, not letting them do anything? Well, the answer is NO, then why can’t we work on this.

Earlier this week I happened to see the Blue band’s latest TVC with the title #AchayiBarhneDo. The fact I loved about the TVC is that it’s towards the empathic approach rather than going towards the sympathetic approach. The TVC is embedded here and you can have a look, I am sure you are going to love it as well.

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Kudos to the creative team behind this latest ad of Blue Band #AchayiBarhneDo, not only they delivered the nutritious elements of the product itself in the ad, which by the way is also true ( I myself am a user of product) but they have created such a good message for their target audience both kids and mothers. the content is crisp and the execution is brilliant as it doesn’t lose your interest and you are intrigued to know whats coming in the next scene. the embedment of the message of Spreading Goodness is something I can say “justice done”.

Present time advertising is finally coming with a new bang, with more emotional content and focused towards the challenges being faced in the society which should be addressed one way or another. TVCs play an important role when it comes to triggering any campaign and reaching out to masses. Honestly speaking, enough of sympathy towards the differently abled people in our region, it’s time to be more compassionate and more welcoming. Recently there are a lot of campaigns happening but that’s not reaching the mass.  Blue Band’s TVC has not only touched the chords of our hearts ( at least mine) but has also left us with a message to ponder over, that’s the character development of our wards. In this fast pace of the world, we are focused on getting the luxuries for our kids that at times we forgot to sit with them and work on the character development which is a must. we should be teaching this to our younger generations that see the ability not the disability and make this world a beautiful place for both abled and differently abled people to live.