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Yes, You read it right. Warrior Princesses is surely strutting on the haters’ critique and least bothered about how they are mocking it. This Fashion Pakistan Week, Spring Summer 2018 has seen some serious Rebellious Ramp Walk on Day 1. Which not left everyone astonished and muffled but also surprised on the seeing a new Rebel.

Zara Noor Abbas has made everyone go bonkers in the Fashion World, with the Ramp Walk she did. Zara was Show Stopper for Funkasia by Huma Adnan, featuring Warrior princesses. Ever since she has done the Debut on the Ramp, she is in the gossips everywhere. People are throwing comments on her and mocking her for her style of Ramp walk during the Fashion Show.

What they don’t realize is that Zara is not a model but an actress. She doesn’t have to carry that Uniform style usually seen during Fashion shows.


I wasn’t aware of all the drama going in the Fashion world, until this afternoon when I saw the rumors and gossips with hatred. This afternoon, I saw videos of Fashion Female Models, mocking Zara Noor Abbas, and making fun of her. Little do these newbies remember Iraj Manzoor, who use to be all Rebel and fun when it used to be Fashion shows.

PC: Behtareen.Pk

For years I had loved Iraj for the same Rebellious Fun Walk on the ramp. Zara reminded me of her on the ramp.

Most of the Bloggers/Journalists/Online Publications has stooped so low just for the sake of mocking at the actresses and making fun of it. No one bothered being in the limits and thinking that why she was doing that. She had been dressed as the Warrior princesses and she has to be rebellious. The boots and the belt on the top were enough for the sane to realize what was that but.

Although she has given such a beautiful reply to all the Models who are mocking her in a video. Also, most of the blogs and newspaper websites have posted that so I am not going to post that here. All I am writing this is to give my 2 cents of the piece here.

Zara Noor Abbas with Muneera Lakhani at the backstage of #FPWSS18. PC : Mindmap

For me, what she has done was absolutely liked it. She had tried being in the character of a Warrior Princess in the Fashion World. I liked the way she strutted the ramp. Also, my question is when the designer is happy with the walk, why are others going bonkers? There would have been a final rehearsal before the actual show. There is absolutely no point of raising fingers on Zara when no one corrected anything during the final rehearsal.

For me, I liked the way she carried herself, and I support Zara Noor Abbas for that. Rest, I would only say that people would still need to digest that there can be drama on Ramp too. There is a reason Showstoppers are taken from Film & TV Industry to create sensation and Drama about that. Please understand the concepts before you go ripping off someone for their walk.