Over the last two to three weeks, everyone must have noticed a hashtag being used on Twitter as well as Instagram. Oh did I mentioned Facebook, well yes on Facebook too.  I was also actively tweeting about that the hashtags #SpreadingSmiles.  I was actively tweeting and posting about the things which make me smile, whether it was the pictures from my recent Dubai trip or the memories of my childhood and college life. Don’t you think it was an amazing concept? Well, I absolutely loved it, there had been so many tensed moments lately that I needed these moments of comfort. Yes, those random smiles are moments of comfort to me and I am sure that it is for many of you as well.


There were few videos which came with this hashtag and lot of people telling about the things which made them smile. I had shared those videos too over my social media and they created a buzz there. We all were intrigued about the Brand behind the campaign, as this was creative, this was something out of the box and something, not cliche. And then with Bang, it dawns on us that its McDonald’s Campaign. And I must say Bravo, what an idea behind this. A brand getting connected with the local people and taking their opinion about the happiness and smiles. Some amazing answers were there in the videos, and there were few to whom I can relate to, Like a Garam cup of Chai, muft ka wifi and purani jeans ki jaib sy paisey nikalna. It had been amazing experience watching those videos.


This Ramzan has been an amazing one with spreading smiles on many faces. Have a look on these few tweets, which made me smile and I am sharing a few which I posted during this campaign.



Mcdonalds has given a task to all its employees to start #Spreadingsmiles to all the customers walking in the restaurants and keep the environment full of Happiness, and with that, it has challenged all its valued customers to start #SpreadingSmiles to the people around them.(Haye such a cute challenge they have given, Maa Sadqey).  Keep on spreading the smiles on faces you don’t even know. It won’t takes much even to say a simple hello to a stranger with a smiling face, and that will bring a smile on his face automatically. Imagine if we all start spreading smiles around us, this world will become such a beautiful place. I have been practicing this for long and I would urge all of you to do this too. Dont do it for anyone else but for yourself. You will feel light, happy and on top of the world. Why don’t you take this challenge? and share your experience in comments after that.


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