#KHIEAT19 starts today, and with 90 eateries being on board this time, confusion is more. Confusion of which to choose to ear and which to leave. Karachi Eat Festival is considered Baap of all the food festivals which take place in Karachi. Well, with around 70k of footfall everyday of the festival last year, its not even wrong.

#Khieat19 is bringing you 90 eateries this year, with each eatery making one special dish/item for the public. It means the said dish was never introduced for general public before in the outlets or by the brands on their menu. Woah, isnt that amazing…

#KhiEat19 – My Picks this year

I am spilling the beans with my top list of the eateries to look forward to while being at #KhiEat19. Go through the passage below and see the names and what they are bringing for you at Khi Eat. These are my top pics for the day. Will be doing an other blog tonight to tell you, what more should be tried.

1. Brew Factory – The Glitter Churos

Yes, you read it write, Brew factory is bringing you the edible glitter Churros. They are yum, they are fresh and they are something you gonna love it. Trust me because I tried them. Its a must.

2. Om Nom Bros – Beef Soya

Om Nom Bros is bringing six new tastes for the foodies out there. Since the brain child is of Yasir Billo, I for the fact knew that this gonna be something which will be tantalizing our taste buds. I kinda liked the idea of Beef soya .
Street Food from Nigeria on wooden skewers with Chimichurri sauce . Looking forward to try this one at Karachi Eat 2019.

3. Saniya’s Kitchen – CHilli Milli Prawns

Although Saniya’s Kitchen is famous for their Khaousay, but they are bringing something new. Saniya has herself created the recipe of this and yes, I happened to try that, it was actually good. It also lands in my list of a must try at #KhiEat19. You surely gonna like it if seafood is your game


BTB has been there int he city for quite some time and had been winning tummies ( coz foodies) of many . They are bringing their latest burgers to the Khi Eat, The picture below is of what they gonna bring. All you need to try this slider at Khi Eat. I tried it and it has a good different taste.

5. Sweet Greens – Red Chili Taco

Yes , even I was thinking how would they taste like , when I heard about the name. Saw them, and man, they looked so amazing. Organic, tasty , appetizing and yum ( slightly spicy too) . If you are a fan of tacos, this is the one you should not miss, and if you are not a fan, even then you must try.

6. Khao Dosa – Idli Sambar

For the fact, I like the south Indian style Dosa they make. I am fan of the dosa(s) but the Star dish they are bringing is Idli Sambar. Yes, the actual idli sambar, and with the original recipe. Since I had been in UAE for some time, living in an Indian neighborhood, so i can vouch for the actual South Indian taste on this one. A must try.

7. Hobnob – Cronuts /Eclairs

Hobnob cafe has been around for quite a long time. with the recent shift in their ownership/management, they are adding new variations to their delicacies. Cronuts is going to be their star item for #KhiEat19. A Cronut is a croissant-doughnut pastry. American pastry recipe brought to Karachi. Also, they are letting you create your own eclairs at their stall. Isnt that amazing?

8. SOL – ButterBeer

Being a Potterhead for more than a decade now, actually almost 2 decades, I always wanted to have this butterbeer. Thanks to Sol, we are finally getting the HALAL drinks to gethigh on. Its a must for all the Potterheads and even muggles can try it too

9. The Chew bar – Dibs on the Ribs

I am recommending this to all the meat lovers, do have dibs on the ribs. This is their star entree and I actually enjoyed them. Just remember, have them while they are being served hot.

10. Le Saint Honore – Saint Honore

Ever thought of having gastronomic creations which will be full filling your guilty pleasures and keeping it classy. Well , there you go with Le Saint Honore. Being the first timer at #KhiEat19, they have got a wide range of the sweet delicacies to pick from. Oh the Stuffed buns ( both savory & sweet) were my favorite among the others.

11. Awesamosas – Dorito Chaat

#KhiEat19 is all about trying new fusions and new tastes. Who would have thought to make the chaat out of Doritos? well, Awesamosas did. This deadly odd combination deserves at least one try. I am surely heading to their stall to try this again.

12. Burger Bros – Flamin’ Chic Magnet,

I was invited to the soft launch/tasting of this one, and I loved their fusion.
 It’s essentially fried chicken coated in flaming hot Cheetos, with jalapeño cheese!  I liked these sliders, and would recommend you guys to try that too.

13. The Ice Cream Sandwich

I scream, for ice cream all the times. we all do. Imagine the Ice-cream coming in as sandwich that also in chewy yummy cookies. Yes, the Ice-cream Sandwich by Dania will be serving you guys ice cream sandwiches with choice of three different type of cookies. Do try this.

14. Dabooda

If you are a vegan and don’t want to indulge in the beefy meaty dishes. Dabooda has brought the perfect thing for you. Their Vegan salad. I loved it, coz I had it when I was dieting. Do try this one.