The dream team which were the first step towards my this swedish love

Yes. It’s true. Love at First sight do occurs even in this time. Happened with me, at the first ever Oriflame’s Bloggers Meet Up.  It was a Fine Sunny Afternoon in November, marking the start of so called winters in Karachi, when I reached Marriott Karachi to attend the first ever Bloggers Meet up by Oriflame . Must be wondering why I am writing about the Blogger’s Meet up after an entire month, well for that you have to read this love story and you will get the answer to this question too.


Bloggers while listening to the Marketing head of Oriflame

So I stepped in the designated hall where the meet up was taking place. I was surprised. The décor wasn’t what I wasn’t expecting, rather it was more than that. A proper Vanity Corner set at one side, with the U shape sitting arrangements, and the products there to test. Wait, I was telling about my Love story …  So I stepped in and to my shock (in a good manner), I was the only male blogger there. This was encouraging though as finally there are cosmetic companies who are taking this fact seriously that male beauty bloggers do exist, and not only this, there are Male products too. Those should be having some male bloggers. And that’s where My LOVE story starts. `Unfortunately their Rider has met some accident and our invite baskets were not delivered but we received them as soon as we were at the venue.


My invite baskets can be seen in front of me, although bad timing for clicking the pic.

I loved that surprising look which I saw on the few Beauty Bloggers, whom I was meeting for the first time in real, they were shocked to see a male blogger at the event (coz generally males are not considered to be called in the Beauty Bloggers Meet ups). I would take a moment to appreciate Oriflame ’s initiative of breaking stereotypes.  Well, once I got settled down with my blogger buddy Sadiya Azhar, the first thing I saw beside the invite basket were the products placed at the tables and those placed at the vanity corner.


Doesnt this Oriflame Vanity corner looks amazing ?

And that’s how my Swedish love story begins. Confused much? Well Oriflame  is a Swedish Brand working across globe for almost 50 years now. But the question is how did I fell in love. My love actually was, no it still is and will remain so, SO FEVER HIM… the moment I received it for the test trial, I fall in love at the first sight of the bottle, it’s so seductive. Wait, I heard someone at my back, reading this while I am typing and I am now being asked. Why I am writing this now, not after the meet up?


The Love I got in my birthday Month. SO FEVER Him

Well, I wanted to test, try and own anything before I go gaga about anything. So I waited for some weeks, so that I can give my opinion after the proper usage of the product. And Not only this, but there are couple of more products too, which came in goodie bag. Coming back to So FEVER HIM, read the love notes from my side to this beauty.


paparazzi moment : clicked while trying So FEVER Him by Oriflame

So Fever Him by Oriflame is a Woody Spicy fragrance for men. This is a new fragrance.  nose behind this fragrance is Christiane Plos. Top notes are pimento, sea notes and sweet orange; middle notes are orange blossom, bourbon geranium and incense; base notes are ginger, patchouli, vanilla and white musk. A magnetically masculine fragrance with an intensity and character that reflects a bold man with a passionate nature. A tempting blend of pure eroticism dresses the skin with piri piri pimento, geranium bourbon and fiery Ginger Wood – an intoxicating composition.


It is fresh and light at first time then it turns to hot and strong, the ginger note and Pimentel note is really good. The package is good too. The only thing bothers me is that the lasting of this fragrance is only 4 – 5 hours. I wish it could have lasted longer than this. I loved the fact how my friends have asked about the fragrance and I admired it.


These were the goodies filled with treasure for the bloggers.


Cutting things short, I would give 4.5 Stars out of 5 to this Fragrance and Yes, I would love to have it again and again. Already have got 2 bottles of it already.  There were more products in my goodie bag too, which I have now used for more than a month and I can actually give a genuine and honest review for that. Watch this space for more product reviews to come and more oriflame stories too.


Bloggers with the Marketing team of Oriflame