Pinky memsaab is an upcoming indie movie with hajra yamin, Adnan Jaffar and Kiran Malik as lead cast. Shazia Ali Khan is the producer whereas Fahad Sheikh & Umr Khan are the directors. The movie is being released in Dubai on 6th December 2018 and in Pakistan on 7th December 2018.  This upcoming has already created a buzz about itself because of the unconventional storyline it has. The film is a fun venture with the actors from Dubai, Pakistan, and India. 80 % of the movie is filmed in Dubai, and 20% in Pakistan.  The story of the movie has been defined on IMDb in one line. “The lives of a gullible maid; a beautiful socialite; an ambitious investment banker and a happy-go-lucky chauffeur are entwined together in Dubai, in this bitter-sweet tale of self-discovery.”

Hajra yamin as Pinky memsaab

What Pinky memsaab exactly is it all about?

Although, we can’t be sure of what exactly is the movie all about until the movie is released. However, the idea which we have got from the trailer, and cast meet up says something about it.  The story is of Rasheeda a.k.a Pinky memsaab. Pinky Memsaab is the tale of a young Pakistani maid who comes to Dubai from her Punjabi village, and how her life becomes intertwined with that of the Pakistani-British socialite woman of the house she is working in. While going through the trailer, Pinky memsaab is also seen in a love-hate relationship with herself. Somewhere the trailer doesn’t take us to the trip of self-discovery.  But the question is, will the movie take us there too?

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Pinky memsaab sets in Dubai – The real Dubai.

No, It’s not a movie, giving you the cinematographic view of Sheikh Zayed Road or Downtown Dubai or Burj Khalifa. Neither would this movie will be showing the glam life of Dubai. Being an expat I have been introduced with the struggles an expat has to face when he is Dubai. Pinky memsaab would be giving the flavour of that to its audience.

Shazia while talking to me at the cast meet up revealed. “We really showcase Dubai, it’s one of the stars of the film. We’re not just showing the Burj and the yachts, but the real Dubai you don’t see in the Hollywood films. It’s a true representation – the story, the characters, the Indian chauffeur, the naïve young maid straight off the boat, your high society party people, and the Bur Dubai underside that you don’t often see on screen.”

Pinky Memsaab is daal chawal but how:

While meeting the lead cast along with producer and director at the cast meet up few days, it was a detailed discussion I had with Fahad & Shazia. Had MK not asked me to cut it short, I would have taken an hour with each person very easily. One line I absolutely loved when Shazia said “Oh, its not your masala food you keep on having, Its daal chawal”, and I ( after quite a good discussion with her), added, Its a daal chawal with lehsan ki chutney and gajar ka achaar. and we both chuckled on that.

Pinky Memsaab is daal chawal, because it doesn’t have the rom-com masala, the dhinchik dhinchik Item number or the comedy our audience wants to see usually to laugh their lungs out. Its a movie with a mix flair. The audience would have to be the Rasheeda, to know the actual concept. Although Our cinema isnt that mature and Pinky memsaab is defo a premature baby coming in the revival of cine in Pakistan. But why not, mostly premature babies do survive to be healthy and hopefully would this.

Its difficult to actually summarize all the audio discussion  I have with shazia and Fahad, but I would like to tell you the crux of our discussion. Hajra had rightly said, “Isky sawaaloun k jawaab mai mazeed sawal nikal atey hain”. And I was like, I can’t help it.

Pinky memsaab  in quick discussion with fahad & Shazia:

While I was talking to Fahad, it was an interesting long conversation, until Moiz kazmi asked me, “Itny paisey mai itna hich mileinnn ga” and I needed to wind up.  I won’t be able to narrate our entire conversation, but I would summarize my and Fahad’s discussion. On asking, while our cinema is expecting a preset masala formula, what does he think about this movie? He was of the point, that people are there, who would come and see. Our cinema is growing, and we both agreed, that still need time for people to realize that there is a different genre of the movies available.  Pinky memsaab, is all about the twists and turns people take, and those who have had been living as an expat, or are in process of self-discovery, would be able to relate it.

While Fahad is afraid and ready about the outcome, he is still optimistic about the result. whereas Shazia, is very hopeful about the movie. As per her, this movie is very close to her as she has lived the moments from the movie. She has seen the shifts happening.  Both the Director and Producer, have a request. Do Criticize the movie, but at least watch it first prior to that. Fahad while in the discussion said, “We’ve applied to a couple of festivals, although we’re a bit limited because of the public release, and a lot of festivals want premiere rights, so we’re working around that,”.

What I have to say about the movie?

Honestly, nothing unless I watch the movie. Although the trailer seems exciting, both Shazia and Fahad had told that trailer isn’t showing anything about the movie actually. That’s their twist. Although the main cast is not the household names, I see potential and talent there. can’t wait for the movie to release here on 7th December. I am so looking forward to this.