I feel really good, when I see this new revival of drama industry of Pakistan, where they are now trying to create drama whose content has a meaning to give, rather than teaching new Saas-bahu tactics. I am compelled to watch the TV dramas again, being the same me who has stopped watching the TV series as they had nothing new except for glitz and glamour spiced up with Saas-Bahu jhaagra and topped with extra marital affairs.

Over the weekend, I happened to attend the launch ceremony of tvonepk’s upcoming drama serial “Pujaran”. It was great like any other blogger meet up, until Adnan Siddiqui took over and talked about the making of the drama and how he has been ditched by two singers for the OST and then he found a girl from youtube, somehow managed to find her in NCA and then she sang the OST. Coming back to the drama and the meet up. The male cast was present

The compelling story of a beautiful woman who is deprived of all the luxuries of life–but will not rest till she acquires them. No matter how many lives are destroyed in the process.

Startling performances by Sarwat Gilani, Aijaz Aslam, Zahid Khan and Alyzeh make this a riveting drama to watch.The strong script by Inam Shah makes the characters larger than life while ace director Adnan Wai Qureshi’s deft handling of the camera is visible in every frame. Produced by the talented team of Cereal Entertainment Company, Pujaran promises to be an unforgettable drama serial that will provide a tough goal to all competitors.

Lust, sloth, gluttony & darkness, wrath, envy and pride, we keep witnessing unstable and unhappy couples on media every now and then. Mainly due to breaking some very essential rules of a married life, but one of these does include the greediness one has towards other’s wealth. This is bitter reality that in our society, where the love has been replaced with lust, there shall be some way forward giving awareness on these kind of issues. #Pujaran is about a woman’s passion for money which threatens to destroy many lives. Women who wish to marry for materialistic reasons only. That won’t fill the gap or solve the prevailing problems in the marriage. Actually, money traps you; it’s a constant battle that you fight within for your own self-esteem vs greed. Whether you’re fighting over hundreds or hundreds of thousands, money will always be a point of contention.

Pujaran has a strong cast of Sarwat Gilani, Aijaz Aslam, Zahid Khan and Alizey rasool make this a riveting drama to watch. The drama will also feature Kamran Jilani and Tipu Shareef with direction from Adnan Wai Qureshi. It will be a token for audience to watch Sarwat Gilani playing a negative role which is of Madiha.  A beautiful young woman who yearns to acquire wealth and status. Coming from a deprived low middle-class background, Madiha is not mean by nature but she is determined to break away from her environment even if it means making tough choices. Her innocent looks and humble manner make her seem helpless and vulnerable – something she uses to get what she wants.

The beautiful Madiha(Sarwat Gillani) marries Ramis ( Aijaz Aslam) for his wealth.
Then destiny brings Abis (Zahid Khan) closer to her. But Abis is married to her best friend Haniya(Alizey Rasool).
Will Madiha accept her fate? Or will she fight for what she loves? For this you have to watch the drama at TvOnePk .