Every year, with the start of August, the patriotism inside us starts boiling and there we begin our quest of celebrating best independence day, better than the previous year. My patriotic level remains high throughout the month of August, higher than the other months of the year. Not only does my heart start beating at a fast pace and with every beat of the national songs which are being played on the stereos everywhere but also the National Anthem.  My Love for National Anthem started in 6th standard when we used to have the national anthem competition in morning assembly at school, and every house used to sing it with more passion. I was selected in my house’s choir and we used to love this practice.

This year when I was looking for the National songs at YouTube to add to my playlist of the month. , I came across the national anthem by Moto Z and that intrigued me to listen to it. Honestly, before listening to it too, I was of the mind, oh there comes another brand bringing a national anthem but as soon as the national anthem started, I was off my seat and was lost in the music. For the first time, I was listening to such an amazing composition of National Anthem’s instrumental and that also made from different elements. Starting from the Keypad tunes to the water sounds and infusing other sound elements in between whether it’s the Rubab being played in the Northern part of Pakistan or it’s the bell tied to a horse dancing in Punjab. Whether it’s the train sound infused in the video, or the shehnai, sitar, tabla being played in the various parts of the video, I just fell in love with the music. But that was the first stage, I yet had to watch the video as till now I was only listening to it while working on other things.

Bang Thaa, that was my mind as soon as the video was over. I mean No unnecessary brand promotion. No unnecessary use of celebrity in the video and showing the scenic views which were breathtaking. Most of the scenes were shown on the screen for the first time, being the avid traveler I am, I have been to all these places and I am so happy that finally the visuals of these areas are being shared with the people around. The Brand Moto Z didn’t try to destroy the sanctity of the national anthem, which is a cherished national asset, with overt branding and I appreciate this effort by them. Also being a blogger I do realize the importance of good images taken at the right moment and at times the video too. I was amazed to know that the entire video of this national anthem was shot to MOTO Z and MOTO Z Play to showcase the superior functionalities these phones hold.

I must admire the team at the back of this creativity, the way these sounds have been collected and created and the way the video has been shot using the cell phone only, the quality which has been amazing. And the tagline they are holding Different is better, it actually is better. I would recommend you all to listen to this version of National Anthem which has been re-tuned on the earphones to have the best audio output and close your eyes and feel the beats.  You are going to love this one.