Sarmad Khoosat is one celebrity who always keep us on toes. Fans (including me) so far has known Sarmad khoosat best for his film Manto, but now they will get to know a new side of their all-time favorite Sarmad in this brand new Ramadan show “Star Iftar with Sarmad Khoosat” brought to you by Urdu 1.


Urdu 1 will be airing the show throughout Ramadan which the famous actor turned director would be hosting. Each episode would be of 30 minutes and would be aired from 6:00 till 6:30 pm, where a new celebrity will be joining in daily. Not only they will be joining in and you will be getting to know amazing things about them, your favorite celebrities will be cooking for your at iftar, which I am sure would be delicious yet healthy and organic.

Ramadan where we all try to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle with eating nutritious yet light food, will be having a spectacle show during all this food fever we get during Ramadan. Guest celebrities will also be having a whimsical chat sessions on the show where they will be sharing their personal life as well as their showbiz life with all their fans as well.

Sarmad revealed that there will be around 30 guests with attendees including Mahira Khan, Mikaal, Saba Qamar, Juggun Kazim, Nadia Jamil, Reema, Imran Abbas and Maya Ali. After a long Time Vaneeza Ahmed would be seen too as she does not do public appearances

I am already excited enough to watch these shows and really can’t wait for Ramadan to begin. No wonder Urdu 1 always do something in a different way, and this time it’s a duo. Sarmad and Urdu 1.

All the best to both for the shows.