Starbucks is one of the leading brands around the world. People are crazily madly in love with it. Most people, those who are living in the countries where it is available, they prefer going there. Freshly Brewed coffee smell at coffee shops is divine. I love this everytime I visit some cafe for breakfast. It gives you certain positivity that you carry the entire day.

At times you would love to wake up late and try new menu instead of getting the regular breakfast. You would like to settle for not making it. You would like to have fancy breakfast which you have never tried before. Last weekend, I woke up late and after freshening up, head out outside to check what I can get.  Something which I still have to taste and try.

My Experience at Starbucks:

Earlier Last week I woke up late and wasn’t in the mood for making breakfast. I decided to go out and try something new on the block. I was strolling around when I saw the Starbucks sign at Al Ghurair Mall. Instantly I decided to have my breakfast there.I hadn’t tried Starbucks till then.  It is not yet available in Pakistan. So, yeah, I went inside and ordered myself a blueberry muffin ( Oh man I love berries) and a vanilla Flavor frappe.

I actually liked their service which was prompt. Their service staff was friendly and courteous. I also like the fact that they have free WiFi available within the outlet.  All these things made my experience at Starbucks more cozy, comfortable and worth enjoying. I loved the blueberry Muffin and would like to have more of them. Whereas What I didn’t like was the Vanilla Frappe, it was too sweet for me.

P.s Its a bit expensive than thought but again worth trying.