Pakistan’s number 1 selling brand, Peek Freans Sooper,(well its actually number 1, it still has original taste, which others lack) to celebrate the occasion of Independence Day and launched the ‘Sooper Hai Azadi’ campaign, organized an event on Tuesday, August 9, 2016.Yes, its a little late to write about the independence campaign but then i wanted to check its authenticity before i post it. So,  The theme of the event was ‘Rhythm of Freedom’ that depicts how the people of Pakistan seek joy because of the freedom they have been blessed with.  Based on the theme of Rhythm of Freedom, the campaign is a combination of different sounds that people of Pakistan produce in their daily lives. It aims to acknowledge all the individuals who contribute to the country and are constantly making an effort to make a difference.


Before i write about the campaign, there was one sentence which Adnan Ali Bajwa,Brand Manager for Peek Freans Sooper, the flagship brand of English Biscuit Manufacturers (Pvt.), said during the campaign launch ,“Jahan PTCL k signals nai atey wahan bhi Sooper milta hai” (Sooper is available to even those places where PTCL has no coverage. This sentences got stucked in my head and i got a chance to check this as well. On Independence weekend, i got as chance to travel to interior, and believe me its true, there was no cellular coverage, no PTCL landlines and yet we got Sooper from there.


Further In the “Sooper Hai Azadi” campaign, we have acknowledged the everyday sounds that people make, and we have combined them to produce an instrumental as a dedication to Pakistan’s workforce, who contribute to the development of this country with everything that they do. At the same time, this campaign is also a reminder of the greatest thing this country has given us, which is Azadi. It is because of Azadi that we love what we do, because we have the freedom to choose for ourselves. We as Pakistanis seek happiness and joy from the work that we do and Azadi gives each of us something to contribute to, something to hold on to and something to fight for.”

In the spirit of Azadi, and following the theme of Rhythm of Freedom, Peek Freans Sooper team was also  travelling across Pakistan to Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Sukkur and Hub (Balochistan) among other where they  acknowledged over 20,000 individuals for their services to Pakistan by giving them Sooper Salam and presented Sooper gift boxes from August 11 to August 14.  Sooper believes these people spend their lives contributing to our country and together they all make Pakistan what it is today.