People usually see Pakistan under a negative light, they describe it as unsafe, backwards, and hopeless; the list could go on.  Even Most of the Pakistanis do this too But when Team Mein Hero went around schools asking our new generation what they think, every student told them one thing, “They love Pakistan, and that love is unconditional”. Our new generation is quite optimistic,  they didn’t have a negative word to say. We didn’t encounter a single student that had an unpleasant thing to say about our country.told one of the members of Team Mein Hero,  Maybe it’s the spirit of Independence Day that brings patriotism in the hearts of our people, or maybe its the jazba that has always been there, but never discovered, or maybe their words are the truth.



Unity, faith, discipline. These three basics I knew, I loved, and I respected. Etched into our hearts  from Independence Days of the time when we were kids, some 15 16 years ago.. These were the principles we would  thrive upon. we didn’t know a lot, and maybe we didn’t know enough but we all knew unity and faith and discipline. This year, let’s celebrate our country’s independence.

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This year Team Mein Hero celebrated Independence day with the students of SOS Village school who all participated enthusiastically.  Waving the flags, singing National songs and National Anthem,  every kid trying to show that he is the most patriotic one. All these things took us back to our school time. the Jazba in students themselves and the lagan they have got. We should be happy that future of our Pakistan is in good hands.It was an astounding spectacle of unity and togetherness. The atmosphere was full of fervent tunes of national songs. Such celebrations evoke the true spirit of patriotism amongst the younger generation and serve as a testimony that in unison, we can achieve remarkable feats.

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