Ever since the drama industry got privatized and private productions have stepped in, there has been a new drama series pouring in every month. Some with new faces while some being the brand ambassadors of Old is Gold.  And almost every story, one way or another, is the same. After the ban on Indian content, somehow my mother is now watching Pakistani Dramas (she has no choice unless one of us siblings get her the app to see the Indian shows).  At times I sit with my mother and try to understand the dramas coming on TV which are full of glamour and less of the actual content. Being a fan of the classics I grew up watching, the ones by Haseena Moin , bano qudsia, Fatima Suraiya Bajia etc, I hardly understand these dramas and what they are trying to show.


Haya , Neelam and Aijaz Aslam along with Shehwar Rahim

At the start of this week, I happened to attend the launch of the Drama Serial “Wafa Ka mousam” which went on air yesterday at tvone . The main cast of the serial is Aijaz Aslam, Neelam Munir, Noman Habib, Adnan Jilani, Bahar Begum and Manzoor Qureshi. The writer of the Drama is Riffat Siraj and directed by Babar Qayyum.  The drama is an epitome of the same love-hate relationship present in our society for ages. Or it can be further simplified as a story of intense love clashing with family pride and ruthless egos.

The story of the drama serial Wafa Ka Mousam revolves around Komal, a young, vibrant and idealist girl, Dara, a fiercely independent, driven man of principle and Bazil, a happy-go-lucky man. Komal faces the impossible dilemma of Balancing her love for two egoistic men who despise each other. One is Dara and second is her father Hammad. Komal falls in love with the intriguing dichotomy in Dara’s personality and forces her father to let her marry him despite his lower social status. Dara has struggled and failed with the feudal tradition of Watta-Satta, he has buried himself in his career as a university professor. Sensitive with his self-made social status, he doesn’t let his ego get bruised even when the cost he has to bear is the life without having any love. On the other hand, Hammad loves his daughter but is enraged when he gets to know that she loves Dara. Dara is also in love with Komal but he feels insulted by Hammad and takes a decision. This brings Komal at a crossroad. If the two men she loves, hate each other, where does she go? And if the game of egos continues like this, where would love come in this game? Only Young Bazil, who is in love with Komal has the answer to all this. Bazil makes up in the sensitivity and sensibility for what he lacks in experience and age. Through his quips and seemingly unassuming demeanor he effectively diffuses the impossible divide between Komal’s father and Her Husband Dara. Ensuring that his love has a happily ever after life, even at the cost of his own secret affection for her.

Isnt the story of Wafa Ka mousam seems already heard and seen. Well to be honest I felt the same, or may be the drama industry is working on the famous myth which says there are only 12 stories in the world. I feel like this story is of intense love against intense Hatred.  While going through the promos and the video presentation along with the OST played, I did make a few observations. Despite being the drama of the same old story and with same old concepts the positive thing I saw was the drama does speak on some of the social issues which involves Girls Education and the ritual of Watta-Satta still being practiced in Interior Sindh and Punjab. Speaking of Punjab, the drama is shot in Punjab. So far only one episode has been aired, and we really can’t say anything about ratings and the quality until the 2nd episode is aired. The OST could have been better, so far I didn’t like the OST. Hopefully we would be getting some good content as well as brilliantly exciting performance and well delivered dialogues in the upcoming episodes of the series. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, then see the video below. Wishing all the best to the entire cast and team behind this series. Hopefully they get the best out of it.


P.s Return of Shafqat Cheema is the thing I am looking forward to in this drama serial Wafa Ka mousam.