With so many promotions, sales and ads clustering our screens it has become a real effort to sift out relevant information from all the redundant and overhyped info. But just in case you’ve assumed that the much talked about Black Friday sale lies in the latter category then be warned, you are gravely mistaken!


Black Friday is not just another sale. This event is celebrated internationally and is perhaps the best retail holiday of the year. On this day, all leading brands come together to offer amazing discounts on products and services for just 24 hours.  It’s a race against the clock to rush and buy things before they slip away into someone else’s hands.


Thankfully, this is where online shopping comes into play to accommodate the less aggressive shoppers in availing unbelievable discounts from the comfort of their home – It’s a win win situation – You’re getting quality products, at cheap prices while sitting at home.


The brands that will be celebrating Black Friday in full force this year include Daraz.pk, Sastaticket.pk, Kaymu.pk, Yayvo.pk along with many others. The prices are going to be unbelievably low and Sastaticket.pk has already taken a lead start by launching its deals for Black Friday.


Sastaticket.pk will be offering 50% off on domestic hotels, 10% off on international hotels, 5000 off on international flights and 1000 off on domestic flights. Hotel and flight bookings  are the major expenses of any trip, once you book them on discounted rates you’ll have nothing more to worry about.


This travel portal aims to make the preparatory phase of a trip as convenient and affordable as can be. Visit their website, browse through their amazing discounts and book your flight and hotels- It’s the perfect time to do it!