So, Its happening finally. Who had thought something like this would take place in Karachi, but it happened and today is going to be its 2nd episode. Yes, Thanks to Syed Waseem Abbas and his team’s passion and tiring efforts, First WordPress Karachi meet up took Place  in the Mind gym of The Nest. It got overwhelming response from people and so many people showed up. 2 hours of interactive session took place and people did networking too.

Today, its 2nd episode is going to take place at the same venue, with more number of attendees confirmed this time. There will be several topics which will be covered by different speakers but key speakers for today are Bilal Shahid & Kamran Zahid. Bilal would be speaking and sharing his knowledge and experience on WordPress Rest API, whereas Kamran would be telling about Freelancing.

Wait, did i tell you its not all.. yes, you got it right, this time WordPress Meet up has much more to offer you. With the Key note sessions, attendees would be getting a workshop as well as a big surprise. Now obviously i cant disclose the surprise and ruin it for everyone.

So what are you waiting for. Your time starts now, run towards the Nest and attend this fabulous session before you miss out and have to wait for a month to get the opportunity again.

All the best to the energetic and dedicated team at the back for putting up a great show