#Cheapmunks winging it at the Wingitt.

On 23rd March, I was invited by Golin Pk on the live jamming of Cheapmunks at Wingitt. The night was supposed to be exciting with the Live music tossed with the Wingitt. The last I was at Wingitt when they were at Bukhari. Recently I had seen them at a new location, yes Sehar Commercial it is. As much as […]

Escape your Daily Routine: A Guide for an unexpected vacation

Do you find yourself continuously operating like a pre-programmed robot following a fixed schedule and routine over and over again? Has your life turned into a never ending loop of the same work schedule, the same errands, and the same problems? Then you my friend are in desperate need of an unplanned, unexpected holiday! It can be with your family, […]

With changing weathers, keep your house well protected with Dulex weathershield Power flex

Rain or Shine, Proud homeowners can keep their home in pristine condition with Dulux Weathershield Powerflexx The quality paint that offers superior rain resistance and guards against hairline cracks.   After working tirelessly to provide a beautiful home for your loved ones, the last thing you would want is for elements of nature to taint the fruit of your achievement. […]

MAN SE to enter Pakistan’s Auto Sector

Thanks to the new auto-policy, Pakistan’s automobile industry is expanding steadily and the latest to join its ranks is MAN SE, a manufacturer of heavy trucks. Due to the introduction of CPEC in Pakistan, the demand of heavy vehicles is expected to grow quickly and manufacturers are flocking to Pakistan to capitalize on this. Volvo has already signaled its plans […]

TPL Trakker Limited & SIM4 Joint Venture: to offer mobile communication services.

TPL Trakker Limited, Pakistan’s largest tracking solutions provider have embarked into a Joint Venture with SIM4, a startup incubated at Teamup. The entity formed under the Joint venture is TPL mobile which will offer high quality and affordable mobile communication services to resident and non-resident Pakistanis. The joint venture was formally announced after a signing ceremony between the two companies. […]