An eve at Sea Front BBQ & Grill – Beach Luxury

Last week I was invited to the Sea front BBQ & Grill at Beach Luxury Hotel. I have been going to beach luxury hotel for years now for events and exhibitions but they all were during the day time or even if they were evening events I was so occupied to explore the particular Sea front restaurant but I always […]

Khaana , Pyaar Aur Mohallaydaar

“Zaaaainn, Faiiizii,  Utho aur Samney waloun k haan ye dey kar aou, aur agr wo bolein plates baad mai dein gy tou chor ana” This used to be a very common command we used to get from our mum every few evenings during our childhood. We used to Live in Kohat Airbase and not only we, brothers, were doing this […]