Ali Zafar Transforming Taher Shah’s “Mankind’s Angel”

Ali Zafar Transforming Taher Shah’s “Mankind’s Angel”

You must have listened to Taher Shah’s “Mankind’s Angel”, and since you are reading this, you must have successfully survived the aftershocks. Few funny versions of it are already out for people to bear it and then there came a techno remix version as well. But if you are still waiting for any substitute from our region, to Taher Shah’s second not so hit single ‘Angel’, Ali Zafar just granted you your wish

Without any of the musical equipment, Ali’s exhilarating  dramatic reading of the song climaxes the lyrical prodigy of one of Pakistan’s biggest viral impressions.

Listen to this amazing one by Ali Zafar’s and it’s another viral sensation as people are loving it like anything.

P.s Thanks Ali Zafar, for making us understand the lyrics of the song in such a dazzling manner.
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