Alliance Francaise Hosted World Dance Day Celebrations.

Alliance Francaise Hosted World Dance Day Celebrations.

Yesterday, it was World Dance day, and it was cherished and rejoiced in Karachi too by the dance lovers. Alliance Francaise (French Cultural Centre) hosted the evening full of colours and love for dance. Venue was the Patio of Alliance Française  where illustrious veteran dancer Sheema Kirmani and her students came in full force to rejoice the World Dance Day 2016.

Dancers presenting the vibrant and joyful Bhangra dance form

An interesting assortment of dances was performed that was heartily applauded by the dance aficionados representing all age groups.To delightt of the audience in the chockablock patio, in addition to the regional dances, Pre historic Middle Eastern bellydance, a performance from Bangladesh and fishermen’s dance were also part of the soiree.

Mani Chao and group presenting the Famous Jugni .

The legendary dancer and teacher Sheema Kirmani said that such form of art infused the feelings of love and tolerance in the populace.

Legendary Sheema Kirmani while presenting Abinaya (an expressional dance form) .

International Dance Day that is celebrated annually on April 29th, was introduced by Conseil International de la Danse (International Dance Council) a UNESCO partner NGO. Posted below are the few pictures from the evening ,where dancers are presenting different dance forms.

A still of duo while presenting Kathak.
Mohsin Khan presenting Tandav dance form
The group while presenting the cultural classical dance form
A still from the Bharatnatyam dance form
Another form of Bharatnatyam being presented in such a glorious manner.
The group presenting Sindhi Jhoomar , a traditional Dance form of Sindh
Riya Shimtp presenting a Bengali dance, sweet it was
Erum , presenting the Pre Historic Middle Eastern Belly Dance.
The evening concluded on Bhangra Dance form.

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