An eve at Sea Front BBQ & Grill – Beach Luxury

An eve at Sea Front BBQ & Grill – Beach Luxury

Last week I was invited to the Sea front BBQ & Grill at Beach Luxury Hotel. I have been going to beach luxury hotel for years now for events and exhibitions but they all were during the day time or even if they were evening events I was so occupied to explore the particular Sea front restaurant but I always fancied having a dinner there. Such lovely atmosphere, right next to the sea and then live BBQ. Doesn’t this sound soothe and scrumptious? Well yes, it is.


So I won’t go long in long writing about the beauty of the venue, although I want to since this is such a date perfect ambiance (sorry I can’t help that bringing since single, ready to mingle and Khadaan waley only have one question). Coming back to what I was referring to. So yes I was invited to the only floating restaurant Karachi has got till now, Beach Luxury’s Sea Front BBQ & Grill.

It was such a lovely evening and the view of the floating boat with the restaurant was already exciting. The food ther was uterrly amazing, especially the live BBQ scene was excellent. Sea Front BBQ & Grill has the variety, from Chinese to the Desi/Mughlai and from BBQ to Katakat. I tried few things, which can be seen in my plate’s pic posted below.

The Food over all was nice to taste and the service was really good too. Few of the good things which I can mention here is the Prawn Tempuram, Live BBQ, Chapli Kebab, their garlic nan and chicken. Although the food overall is good. I didnt try the katakat myself since i am not a big fan rest the food was nice.

They had an amazing buffet and a lot of food for you to pick up. Not only this but the staff there would be guiding you to have some good taste, as they help you to choose what you want not only this but they do tell the specialty about that too.

I and my gang enjoyed the food as well as the ambiance there, The floating dinner experience. Also, the meetha was good too especially garam garam gulab jamaan

P.s If you want to take your loved one on such a lovely place, the jurmana for that would be PKR 1600/- plus tax, and its the nominal for all the high-end cafes you take your dates so why not a romantic eve with your loved one here.

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