Avari Towers’ Asia Live Iftar after 2 years

I got a chance to have iftar at Avari Towers’ Asia live after 2 years. I was looking forward to have the same taste and quality I used to have here before leaving Pakistan. Quickly coming back to how was the food. Ooh lala , mama mia, I loved being back here.

Iftar at Avari Towers’ Asia Live

Coming to the food, everything was there, you name it and they had it . For Iftar, each and everything, you would ask for, was present. I loved the Dahi phulki and chana chat, Palak kay pakorey. There were a different type of dates available too and man, these are the only dates I am wild about.

Dinner at Avari Towers’ Asia Live

Round 2 was dinner, Although, jazbat mai we were already were filled with iftar coz why not. so I had to take a good 5 minutes to walk to go to the dinner section. Avari Towers’ Asia Live, has always so many options that you get confused. Kya Kya Khayein? Beef Biryani is my weakness, so I had to have that. There was lamb along with rice too, and that tasted Yuuuummmmm. Moving ahead with other dishes, the noticeable thing along with all Pakistani dishes was Sushi. I mean aahhhmmaazing, Koun krta hai aessyy, ek ticket mai do mazey.

Salads & drinks

Not only the food but the salad station was quite huge, with so many options to pick and leave. I especially the love options of picking your favorite cheese, amongst the others. For a moment I wanted to be Jerry from Tom & Jerry.

Did I mention the kind of sharbat we get there during Iftar and then dinner? Lal Sharbat is the compulsory one, but other than that we had sandal and mint lemonade. All of them were refreshing and energizing.


Last but not least, the gigantic dessert bar. For 5 minutes I was just standing there and wanted to eat all of that. but thanks to my diabetes, I had to be very careful. I Laauved every item of it, especially the cakes.


Well well well, I would say, its a must try if you are looking for quality and quantity at one place. It’s 3195 plus tax per person, and you still have time to go and try it. Just make sure, you have enough appetite to have all this, coz I wasn’t able to try all the things on the buffet. I wanted more, but my tummy was Like, bus bhai bus, zaida baat nai chief saab, ab aur koi cheez ka sawal nai cheif saab.

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