Biryani with Alou, my biggest craving got satisfied.

Biryani with Alou, my biggest craving got satisfied.

Ever since I am traveling, the thing which I miss the most is the homemade food. When your trips start getting longer, your love for homemade food starts getting stronger…
On my this trip the one thing I am craving a lot is having the homemade biryani. Not just any but the one having Alou. (no one puts Alou in it over here). It was my first month of craving for the Alou Biryani and Homemade food ( and being homesick too) and merey bachpan ki Dost Aisha Nauman Ansari got to know this and she made me Alou wali Biryani… But what to do, coz cravings were increasing.. (I can cook good food but don’t cook all the times).

Biryani made by none other than Aisha Ansari


So I was talking about this to my darling sister from the other mother Fatima Habib …  We were thinking of the possible ways to fill this craving.  Going through many and saying Naaaahhhh to majority options she said something that I was overwhelmed with. She said, ” Chor yaar, Mai khud akar bana deti houn tujhy Ghar k baney khaney”. Bang thaa, the next thing I know, my partner in Crime, she was here already.

The highlight of Biryani Cravings :

Then she had made quite some things for me over the last few weeks. Best was yet to come when she made me scream in excitement by making  Alou Wali Chicken Biryani for me…I lurve the surprise I got yesterday evening. Not only did she made it but she served it and I was given Royal treatment.. ( Maa sadqay) .

Biryani made by Fatima Habib

I had been craving for the Homemade Biryani and with lots of Alou (yes, I am Alou ka Dushman). Guess What I had it.  Wohooo!

Of Taste, it tasted like almost the same my mother makes, it was surprisingly good for me. Though I later found out the Shan biryani masala Packet. But yes the taste was fantabulously delicious and exactly like the way, I want my biryani to be. Spicy, yet scrumptious. The chicken was tender to the perfection and Alou were love… Not only did, but she made the raita too for me and that also Shahi Raita…

Best Moment :

Best moment was when  I shamelessly asked her to pack the remaining for me to have it at home. ( I had already taken 2 servings). As they say, pait bhar gaya niyat nai bhari… Same happened to me last night. Louvre you Famma for all the things you do for me and for this biryani too. ( I still can feel the taste of it).

P.s I got a seat in the metro today, I wrote all this in journey of 13 stops and now my stop is approaching in next 2 minutes. So Tata. Bubye.

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