Experiessence! An organic Experience or just another soap?

Remember, sometime in the last week of Feb 2019, I shared an Image on my Instagram about receiving a PR package. The Experiessence soaps I posted and I said I would review them in 10 to 15 days. Guess what? I was wrong. I couldn’t review them in 10 days. It required more time to get my hands on experience with these organic soaps. Now since I have given enough time to both of them, I guess I am ready to share my 2 cents on them. I will be dividng the review in small segments talking about each thing .

Shape and packaging of Experiessence.

The organic soaps from Experience come in different shapes and forms, Some of them are so beautiful that you won’t even want to use them. Rather you would want them to put on the corner table as a decor element. The soaps came in these cute small tulles net fabric, perfect if you want to give it to someone.

Experiessence soap

Candy Soap & Honey Lime Salt

So, i had received two soaps. Candy soap and Honey Lime salt. Candy soap has avocado and grape seed oil. It consists of skin nutrients to brighten, lighten & nourish! Grape seed oil soothes the skin and Avacado oil boosts the collagen, delays aging, softens skin and effective to reduce any skin inflammation and blackhead control

Experiessence candy soap

Honey lime salt soap is best to cleanse impurities, such as pimples and acne, from the skin while also improving the blood circulation for that extra glow

My verdict on Experiessence !

It took me a lot of time to finally come on the verdict. The review, was due in 15 days. I had to delay it and use the soaps properly to write anything about them.

The Candy soap wins the contest, at least for me. I loved the fragrance of the soap as well as the color too. I cant really say about age delaying on only one soap bar, but the blackheads are seemingly in control with its use. My skin feels good, and I do find it soft than before. in short, I find my skin doing better than before, after I stopped using my regular facewash and started using this.

Honey Lime salt, the only thing I dont like about it was its fragrance, but I guess, I cant do anything about it, since its the natural smell. I was getting acne lately, and use of this soap, actually helped me in eliminating that. Glow is surely there on my skin ( you guys can see my recent pics and videos ) . Overall , its good to go.

Do I recommend the Experiessence?

Well, certainly yes, its a good to go product for me. I surely recommend it. But, there is a thing about it. Do not expect the result with in a week. You need to use this for atleast 3 weeks to get visible results. Thats why it took me time to write this. What more I can say, you need to experience it too.

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