Karachi Eat 2020 – Top 20 picks to look forward to this year at #KhiEat20

Karachi Eat 2020 – Top 20 picks to look forward to this year at #KhiEat20

Karachi Eat 2020  is just a day away and we all are excited. Baap of all the food festivals is back. Like every year, it’s getting bigger and better than the previous one. Last year’s 90 eateries are now 115 this year.  More options to have more food , means more confusion in what to pick and what not to pick? I was part of Karachi Eat Official Jury this time and trust me it was not an easy task to pick these 115 from more than 300 plus eateries.

10th, 11th & 12th are the dates Karachi Eat 2020 is taking place at Beach view Park. While writing this I am thinking about all the star dishes I had during the jury session for #KhiEat20. Man! I am salivating already.

Karachi Eat 2020 – My Picks this year

So I am all set to spill the beans . All the eateries mentioned below raised the bar a lil high for me during the #KhiEat20 tasting, one way or an other. Mostly it was taste though. Oh and these tastings made me gain 10 kgs in a month. So you can see how good the food could be. Feel free to give your suggestion, or your feedback at the comments section below. The list is not in any order, its just that which ever I recalled first while typing this.


1.The Brownie Wizard.

The Brownie wizard is an online eatery who are satisfying people’s sweet tooth. Intertwining flavor and textures into sensational dessert is their specialty. They have got amazing brownies, something you wont stop yourself from. One of the best baked brownies I have had so far, and they have different flavours. Catch them at Karachi Eat 2020. Their Star dish is Brookvich . Catch them at stall 11

2. Tikyani

How can we miss biryani when it comes to any feast, any festival? But what if the Biryani gets a fusion with an other of your favorite desi thing, Tikka. Tikyani is the combination of Tikka and Biyrani,  and its not like the one available at saddar near passport office, where they put tikka on top of biryani. The taste is already infused in it. Dont believe me, you must try this.  My verdict during tasting was 9/10. They are at stall 17.

Tikyani - Tikka and Biryani


3. Churrosity.

Delicious, Crispy and fresh. The Churros which left everyone craving for more is coming back to Karachi Eat, and this time with a special twist. Apart from the sweet churros which they are expert in , they are bringing savory churros too.  They are calling it Hot Dog Churros, and trust me it was an amazing thing. I loved it and would suggest you guys to give it a try too. I will be having these all three days. find them on stall 24

Hot Dog Churros


4. Saydayz

Specialists in homemade exquisite gelatos are coming back to the Karachi Eat and this time they have got Strawberry Banan Surprise. Although you can see the picture here, I am not going to reveal the name. That you need to check at their stall at Karachi Eat. They are on stall 68

Saydz Starwberry banana surprise Karachi Eat 2020


5. Prime 109- Smoke House

Prime 109 is a classic steakhouse with a modern twist, featuring the finest prime beef cuts, poultry, chops & seafood. What amazed me was the line of burgers they are introducing for Karachi Eat. I tried their Mississippi short rib burger which was exquisite both in taste and texture. Catch them at stall 75 and give this a try.

Mississipe short rib burger by Prime 109 steak house



6. Mamu’s Seafood & Grill.

Karachi is all cold this Eat, and its getting nippier in the evening. Best season to enjoy seafood. Mamu’s Seafood and grill are bringing in the best. A range of fish and prawns, both spicy and regular. I throughly enjoyed munching at the prawns during  jury, ( not a fish fan though) . You guys can check them too. They are on stall 84

Spicy prawns for Karachi Eat 2020

7. Muokata.

Muokata which started as MYOD – MAKE YOUR OWN DRINK the idea gained popularity among-st youth and was soon a talk of town. Its coming to Karachi Eat with something really amazing. HunterBeef Swiss Rolls. Those who know me well, knows I am a huge fan of Hunterbeef . Muokata left me craving for more after the jury and since then I am waiting for Khi Eat to have them once again. Try them at stall 67.

Hunter Beef Swiss rolls by Muokata

8. Hobnob

Our childhood bakery is back once again, and this time they have twisted traditions for us. I got to try their exclusive Karachi Eat products and I am looking forward to have them, all three days of Karachi Eat. They have brought a good new range of Gourmet flavors which includes Asian glazed, Pizza , Beef with Pineapple salsa and last is sour cream and onion. My personal favourite is sour cream and onion and if you get that warm, you gonna love it more. Dont forget to try them .Hobnob's special treat for Khi Eat 2020



9.  Khichdi Express

Ever thought of going to a festival and having khichdi there. Na, bhai na, mai ny tou nai soucha tha but this is going to happen. I loved this Khichdi thaal by Khichdi Express during the tasting and I am looking forward to have them again. Its not only the khichdi which comes in thaal, but bhigarey bengan, fried bhindhi ( lady finger), and Fried Alou along with tamater chatni and achaar. Matlb parh k edho mazo ayo edho mazo ayo k adadho mazo ayo. Dont forget to give this a try, stall 96 it is.

Khichdi Thaal being served at Karachi Eat 2020

10. Wah Paratha

Breaking free from the mainstream parathas and wraps, this eatery is bringing us parathas which are absolutely oil and ghee free. ( Meri Maa ny bht khush hona hai ye Parh kar).  Tasty , yet healthy, Yehi tou hum sub chahtey thy.. I had tried their various parathas and all were equally good and healthy.  Give them a try if you are looking forward to some healthy cheatmeal. They are serving on stall 35.

Colzone Paratha by Wah Paratha

11. Chopions

Chopions serving the champian champein are the stall I am looking forward to raid on. They had brought scrumptious champein and I am craving from them already. They can be found on stall 87 serving piping hot chops.

Champein by chopions

12. Kuiya

Kuiya is coming back to Karachi Eat with their exclusive Namak  Pyare, yes you read it right. NAMAK PYARE, its a twist on namak parey with olives , and sauces. You will forget Nachos and gonna love this. They are also bringing Sweet version of this with Gelato on that. Have these pyare pyare Namak Pyare at stall 38.

Namak Pyare coming from Kuiya

13. Munching Merchant

Munching Merchant is going to serve you something different. This food blogger is bringing the original Vada Pau with amazing homemade Ghaati Masala (Dry chatni made up of different ingredients) and some Green spicy chatni.

Munching Merchant is ensuring top-notch taste, quality and hygiene by preparing everything at home ( intrigued much! yes, even me too). I am really looking forward to having this again at Karachi Eat, Stall 86. So Be there!

Vada Pau by munching merchant


14. Red Volks

They had amazing presentation at Karachi Eat 2o2o Food Jury and I loved what they brought. Chargrilled Veel Chops served with corns was Yummm. I am looking forward to have them again at Karachi Eat 2020 . They are on stall 77

Chargrilled veel chops By red Volks

15. Caramelt

Lotus is in these days, and every eatery is trying to sell on the Lotus but a few are getting the spot. Caramelt is bringing you Japanese pancakes along with strawberries ( Haye I love berries) and Lotus. They tasted good during the tastings and I am looking forward to them at Khi Eat too. Satisfy your sweet tooth at Stall 37.

Caramelt Japanese pancakes



16. Zeytin

Well, you are at a food festival and you must be trying different cuisine. To add to the list is Zeytin, a newly opened Turkish Eatery in Karachi. They are coming to Karachi Eat 2020 with their Turkish chef who is bringing some delicacies of Turkey. You can have the Turkish taste at stall 71 .


Pida by zeytin

17. Fatso

Although it names like a cafe but its something coming from home . Yes Home made khana coming to Karachi Eat. I loved their Dum Ka Qeema, which is their star dish for Karachi Eat as well. Apart from this they had mirchoun ka salan and home made parathas for the tasting which were equally good. Give them a try too at Stall 20

Dum ka qeema available at karachi eat 2020

18. Ganache by Ruby

Ganache by Ruby is been there for a decade now serving the amazing desserts to Karachites. This time they are bringing s’mores in jars. I absolutely loved then during the tasting and had the entire chat despite I am not allowed to have more meetha.  Looking forward to try other desserts of theirs on Karachi Eat . Lets see How does that unfolds. Find them at stall number 12

S'mores in Jars at Karachi Eat 2020

19. Yoshi’s

Yoshi is a new addition in Karachi’s eatery scenes and they become favorite  very soon. This Asian comfort food is coming to Karachi Eat for the first time and bringing all their scrumptious ones. Korean Fried Chicken is the winner , every day and I am looking forward to have them there too. Those who havent had Yoshi’s yet, its time to have them. Check them at stall 50

Asian Comfort Food Korean fried chicken for Karachi Eat 2020

20. The Social Hub

The Social Hub is back again. After the success of Gol gappa shots they are bringing something new. Taco Chaat ( doesnt this sound exciting). Well it tasted amazing too. Although their would be some other amazing chaat available at Karachi Eat but you guys should try having chaat with tacos. You might find me at Karachi Eat roaming around this one for the gol gappa shots, chai and chat and chai and chai and chai. No no, this wasnt error, thats how much I like chai. Stall 113 it is guys.

Taco chat by The social hib exclusively for Karachi Eat 2020

21. Cafe Ujala ( Special mention)

This one is a special mention and I would urge everyone to pay visit to this stall. Cafe Ujala is an initiave by Uajala, a school for special needs children. These amazing children would be at stall and would be serving you the dishes and taking money from you. A special training for them to fight big battles in future. They are serving Oreo Cookie Shots, S’mores, Mint Lemonade  and Party on hawksbay.
“Eat a little, help a lot” is something we should be doing for these.They are on stall 94.

Oreo shots by Cafe Ujala of Special needs children Karachi Eat 2020


These above mentioned are my top picks, and it wasnt an easy task to pick these. Ya tou mai janta hun ya mera khuda janta hai k kitni mushkil sy 115 mai sy ye select kiye hain. So if you guys try them and think they were worth it, do let me know , and if dont  even then too.  See you guys at Karachi Eat 2020 as I will be there all three days as




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