Marhaba Ramzan! A must Iftar affair at before it ends.

Marhaba Ramzan is one Iftar affair, I am in truly in love with. So I went for an Iftar at Beach Luxury Hotel, and I was amazed to see the open air set up for the iftar, right next to the beach front. It was a grandeur set up done at Beach luxury hotel for Marhaba Ramzan Iftar.

The only thing I regret was the traffic I got to reach there, and I reached there just a bit before iftar and couldn’t enjoy the proper sunset, but my regret was no longer there after seeing the setup and the variety they had been offering.

So the Iftar had a whole Chaat station, where you can make your own chaat, and this was something new to me, I literally loved it. I am not a big fan of fried items (anymore) in iftar, that’s why I love these kinda items.

people were picking their favorite items to make their plates ready before iftar. I took a round of all the food options available there and made myself a bowl of Chaat, and other condiments. Drinks were already there at the table. We broke our fast, did the 1st round of food and then I needed chai. Luckily we had the proper pakki hui chai, (the pathan one ) available at Beach Luxury Hotel. I had 2 cups, coz ek tou much needed, and 2ndly, Kya zaiqa tha, maza agaya

Next was the main course, now there were so many choices from Fish to katakat, pineapple chicken to teriyaki beef. What to eat , and what not to eat. I tried to have a bite or two from each and everything. Pineapple chicken was yum, and so was katakat. Other items were good too but I was too full to have anything else.

There was a dessert bar as well, which I only saw and couldnt have anything coz ek tou diabetes dusra pait mai gunjaish nai. By the way, 2nd option is more appropriate coz I keep on doing the bad parhezi , as usual.

My verdict of Marhaba Ramzan

If you are looking forward to having something good and in a peaceful environment with your friends and family. During these last few days of Ramzan, I would suggest to go and try Beach Luxury’s Marhaba Ramzan. It’s not that expensive and its an experience you would love to have, and you would get a free boat ride as well. So what are you waiting for?

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