Sals The Eatery! Sasta, Sundar, Tikkaou, Just the way I want it.

When Foodies go on the loose, they need something to be fulfilling the hunger . Also something to satisfy the craving of trying something new, scrumptiously deliciously Finger licking good. Ok, that was too much but hey, something near to that. Went to Sals the Eatery, to enjoy something from their menu during our lunch time coz khappa is a must.. ( Jee haan, review scene hai )
Sals the eatery, is a relatively a new kid on the block. Whereas I had seen them on coke Fest, but didn’t get a chance to try them.( Pait itna bhar chuka tha k jaga nai thi).  So today was the day to try that out.

Sals the eatery!

We reached there by the lunchtime, and ordered, mac n Cheese with a twist, Burgerzilla, and Holy Smoke.
Meanwhile, they were preparing our order, we were learning the menu by heart. Also occasionally looking around to admire the nice, cozy interior of Sals the eatery. ( Minus the time, we were taking stupis selfies and doing our photoshoot)

Mac n Cheese with a twist!

Mac n Cheese, with a brand new twist.

Food didnt take much time in getting ready, ( itni Jaldi tou aj kal kay larkey bhi tyar nai hotey). The first one to come and say Hi to us was Mac n Cheese with a twist. When I say twist, it actually was a twist. I guess, Mac n cheese had a recent tour to one of our Fashion shows and upgraded the style. Actually, While they were serving that, I ended up saying ” Bhai, humny tou ye patty order nai ki thi“. The smile I got on that was enough to tell me, Boss Bhand mar diya hai.

Well, you can see in the picture, why would I have said that. Ab mai terha Masoom sa foodie. I had not the slightest idea That mac and cheese can be upgraded to this look. Never the less, it tasted really nice. The only thing I felt was that it was Mac n Cheese has gone way too Calorie conscious with this new sleek look as the cheese content was a bit lil then regular. It gets 8 marks on the Food and plus 1 for the new outfit, making that 9 out of 10.

Holy Smoke!

It could be a perfect scenario, if the burger was served with lots of Smoke and background song. “Sham hai Dhuwan Dhuwan”  but obviously neither I am Ajay Devgan , nor the burger was poornima from Diljale . It was quite a big burger and actually quite loaded. The ingredients were obviously more than just the patty and bun. It had Juicy smoked beef patty which was laid on the bed of iceberg lettuce, topped with Cheese, Smoked beef pepperoni, onion rings and Sals Special BBQ sauce (as they call it ).

In short, Udham cheez Boss. It was actually quite big for an average person to finish it (No, I am not talking about me). Coming towards the taste. Well it actually tantalized my tastebuds. I could taste all the ingredients in that, not a single beat was missing. Spices were to perfection, so is the patty. It was a bit sloppy to eat it, but the experience was cheery. 10 out of 10 goes to this goodly fat baby.


Our last order for lunch was Burgerzilla. As it was served, I couldn’t stop myself saying, “this mammoth must be named Junior Godzilla”. ( Such a blabbermouth I am ) This one was slightly big thenHoly Smoke. It had everything almost same as of Holy Smoke except for the patty was double and pepperoni has been replaced by beef bacon. It was a superb American style and being a chatora one, i would like it to adapt desi culture asap.

The double patty needs a proper technique to be eaten. The technique is that, there is no technique, All you need is to keep your etiquette aside and eat it shamelessly . Since its too Wadeshi for a typical desi like me, I would go for a Purrrfecccctt (Please do this in Madhuri Style) 8.

My verdict

As I mentioned in the main title, Sasta, sundar and tikkaou, Just the way I like it. Its pocket-friendly ( Qasmaay ) , Large portions ( for normal appetite ) and courteous Staff ( Nice souls they are) . Its a cozy place. I am looking forward to visit them sometime soon. Meanwhile You can try this out too . Its situated at Khayaban e Shahbaz

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