Seafood at Asia Live – Avari Towers Karachi? Yes, Please.

Winter Twilights always call for Seafood. What we lack in Karachi are proper winters. Whenever there is a slight nip in the air, we karachities get excited and most opt for it. While I am writing this, my tummy is craving for the scrumptious  I had last week at Asia Live – Avari towers Karachi. Yes, I was invited to Asia Live to try out their newly introduced Seafood theme night, which is every Friday. Asia Live had been my favorite for the themed nights they organize & the food festivals. I had been missing out a lot ever since I shifted abroad. So, yes, I was invited to their this new themed night to experience what they have to offer.

Hello Asia Live, You had been missed.

Asia Live’s courteous staff has been always my favorite for the smile they gave when you reach and are always there to escort you.  As soon as I reached there, I met Tanveer from Oh lady Mania, Amber from and  Zoya Altaf. Woah, what a lovely company to had on the dinner, I thought. We opted for a table with adequate lightening. While we settled in our selected table, I was looking around and getting the same cozy feelings I always used to get from this place. Nothing has changed in one year. Same sitting arrangements, same vibes, same coziness, and almost the same staff.

After we got settled, the restaurant manager, came to our table, asked us if we need a guided tour of the food station, where a different type of seafood is available. We readily agreed as we needed to know what kinda of fish and other seafood is available and being offered.

Seafood, why you so scrumptious.

We were taken to the food stations, and we saw a different kind of fish which are being used for the themed night. The fish were available are Humor, Dandiya, Dehati, Mushka, red snapper, and black pamphlet fish along with lobsters & crabs. So much of choices to pick from. I know, it gonna be a hell of a heavenly dinner. We were told the details of all the seafood available. Not also that, we were also introduced to the chef who is behind creating all the delicious dishes available. Have a look at the raw fish we were able to see.

different fish we had


So Many Options, which one to pick from?

Once done with the guided tour, we had been provided with the plates and its time for us to pick the food. While taking the round of the food station, I got confused. Since I was trying to be on diet, which turned into a complete cheat day as soon as I was at Asia live. Now there are so many options, and I don’t know where to start from. Few of the things, whose name I can still recall being mentioned here. Crab in Bonne Femme Sauce, Pasta marinara, Tilapia Fish with Thermidor sauce, Red Snapper Teppanyaki, Bekti Fish Tikka, Tuna Fish pulao. The pictures of these are here. please, Don’t curse me if you also start having craving for the seafood while going through the blog.

Pasta Marina
Tuna Biryani
How was my food?
Crab in Bonne Femme Sauce

I absolutely loved some of the items, others were good too, and just a little bit of ifs and hmms with 2 to 3 which could have been better.  The overall experience of my dine in was amazing. The winner of the night was Tuna Pulao and Bekti Fish. Although I am of a view that Tuna Pulao should be called Tuna Biryani. Pasta Marina was absolutely nice. Crabs in Bonne Femme Sauce was a new experience and I liked having this new recipe of Crab. Dynamite Prawn was good as an appetizer.

Red Snapper Tayanppi

A Lil I was sad getting on Prawn tempura, It was soggy due to the steamer it was placed. Taste wise red Snapper teppanyaki was fine but it had extra sauce as compared to the original recipe. Tilapia fish with Thermidor sauce was nice, I liked it, mild and delicious. Red Snapper itself was ok in taste and I believe it could have been way better.

bekti Fish


I would rate my overall experience of food to 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. It could have been easily a 4 to 4.5, can’t help being the critique I have always been on the seafood even at my home. For the atmosphere, I would give it a straight 4.5 stars and so is for the service.  In case, You want to try Seafood at Asia Live of Avari Towers Karachi, It’s every Friday. Try it before the summer is back for its mini break.

My first round of food.
Wasnt there any dessert?

You might be thinking, there wasn’t any dessert bar, since I kept it seafood-centric. No there was a complete dessert station, and I loved each and every bit of it. Especially that garam garam gulabjaman, they had me on them. Have a look what they had at the dessert station.

My round of dessert

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