Server4Sale To Launch 360 Security Services And Free Web Hosting At ITCN Asia 2019 #S4SITCN

Server4Sale To Launch 360 Security Services And Free Web Hosting At ITCN Asia 2019 #S4SITCN

Server4Sale has become the first Pakistani web hosting and web security service provider to offer free web hosting to entrepreneurs, start ups, digital aficionados (bloggers/influencers), SMEs and students. Mr. Munaf Majeed, Technical Director S4S said, “We want to empower youth as they are bustling with creative and unique ideas. I am sure if they are provided with convenience and ease of cyber-security and reliable web hosting they will be able to concentrate single-mindedly on what they do best.

Server 4Sale is amongst the most reliable and reputed webhosting and security service providers. Server4Sale aka S4S is providing services to local and international established brands and entrepreneurs like State Bank of Pakistan, State Life Insurance, Paracha Exchange, Muslim Commercial Bank and Allied Bank Limited etc. Cyber security is a very serious and critical issue which needs attention. Websites are attacked by malware frequently and businesses which are affected lose the reputation and revenue.

Server4Sale will be participating in ITCN Asia 2019 and will launch a 360 degree security service which will offer website security, website hosting, backup, maintenance and update. S4S provides 30 day back up to all its customers. Mr. Munaf of these services he added “Server4Sale always keeps its customers’ satisfaction and relaxation in mind and keep striving to achieve secure and protected website experience for customers.”Majeed also said, “Cyber security is one of the biggest threat that is out there and it needs to be fought vigilantly. A small mistake can put the reputation and revenue of the business at stake.

Mr. Munaf Majeed aims to provide 100% web security to businesses. Commenting on the launch

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