Sultan The Royal Eatery! Royal Experience? Lets Find out

The day has started on a very slow note, and by lunchtime, I was bored to death. To brighten up my day, I called my Food Monster buddy the next building. Less than5 minutes, and we were already off to explore something new. Well, at least to me. We ended up at Sultan The Royal Eatery, at Tipu Sultan road. Running through the streets we reached there in our lunch time and well, It looked good on outside.

Lets get inside Eatery. 1 2 3 Go !

The interior of the place is done quite artistically, I like the paintings on the walls, the colour schemes used in for the decor, the placing of tables and the centre stand where they place crockery before serving on the table. The only thing I would want over here would be a little more lightening. I would want some more light, not only for the good photographs but also for the ambience to look more lively and pleasant. I am saying this as I have seen the potential of getting good pictures there . ( Cant help noticing the place for my pics coz I am my favourtie)

Sultan The Royal Eatery! Let’s chec

Since, we were too hungry, we couldn’t help ordering a lot. For Starters we had Crispy Beef. In Main course we had variety. We ordered Palak Paneer, Tarragon Chicken, and Bangkok Chilli Chicken. In beverages we had Passion Mojito and fresh Orange Juice and in dessert we had Cream Brulee along with bread pudding with Ice cream . Phew, isnt that too much for two people. Well we were too hungry to think about this.

My Verdict on the food.

CRISPY BEEF – Its nothing like the normal crispy beef you will find the Chinese eateries in the town. It has a fusion of desi taste in it and man , I love this fusion.

TARRAGON CHICKEN was quite a save, it tasted like any other one we get around the town. The next was BANGKOK CHILLI CHICKEN served with the vegetable rice and man, I loved the rice, such khilay khilay, khobsurat chawal, cooked to the perfection.

PALAK PANEER was served with Roghni Nan. I just missed the sight of good chunks of Paneer in Palak paneer which I am used to of. It tasted fine, but improvement can be done which was conveyed to the chef .

Juices were 10 out of 10. Dessert was fine, Cream Brulee was again different from the most available but still, I can eat that 4 5 servings. Bread pudding was a bit hard and different in the look but was find in taste. I like gelato part of it more

What’s next at Sultan The Royal Eatery?

Nothing as of now, but for the next at Sultan The Royal Eatery, i am thinking to take my family for the Sunday brunch as the GM of the branch told us about the brunch, and oh my my, the number of items he has told, that is like a feast.

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