TNT Cafe! Achi Chai, Acha khana ya phir Sirf hangout ka ek bahana?

TNT cafe is apparently the new kid on the block and honestly, I wasn’t expecting it to be really good ( Coz last two experience of launches were meh ) . Going around the city on Saturday for various events, TNT was our last spot of the day. Want to know, how was TNT Cafe? well keep reading.

The TNT Cafe

Last Saturday, was the launch of this newly established cafe at Bukhari Commercial.he place looks quite small if you go during the day time. The party starts at the evening. The Chairs come out on the plot in from and the screen is set for the PSL screening People gather to shed the tiredness of the entire day over a cup of tea.

Among others, me and 2 other friends were invited at the launch too.. Adeela and Manal , played were the hosts for the night and they were so welcoming. We got ourselves a table, we looked around and saw a great number of audience present at the launch.

Whats the menu?

We were given a long menu to pick whatever we would like to have. Looking at the menu we got confused, as there were so many options. Each and everyone looked better than the previous. After getting enough confused, we called for a lifeline. We asked Adeela, to help us in this, and she suggested we should order the specialties. The idea sounded good, but we needed Chai first. So, we called for Chai, meanwhile, we were looking at the specialties. We had called for their TNT Special Chai.

While , our chai was in preparation, we shortlisted, what we wanted to try. We ordered Lemon Masala Fries, Charsi Tikka, Afghani Boti, Peri Peri p , Shwarma Platter and Nutella paratha. Yup, this is a lot of food, but we were very hungry hoomans and we could have eaten anything at that time.

How’s the Taste?

Chai, as it was served first was quite good ( we couldnt help ourselves having 3 cups each ) . Now coming towards the main food, Lemon Masala Fries were amazing, this was the first time I was having Lemon masala fries and I loved the tangy flavor spiced up with chat masala. The Afghani boti was yum, perfectly tender and juicy to the perfection. Loved munching on that. Charsi Tikka was equally spicy and delicious. The chicken was quite soft and was easy to eat in bites.

Verdit on TNT

Since I take my tea very seriously, I would surely recommend this place for the tea and the charsi tikka and Afghani boti. In Short, This place has my vote for them. For sure, I got a new place to hang out with my friends. Looking forward to more outings at TNT cafe.

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